The Pursuit of Happiness: A Book of Studies and Strowings by Daniel G. Brinton

“Half of happiness is the recognition that we are happy; and half of misery is the forgetting how many causes of happiness we have.”

From happiness as the aim of life to its dependency on nature, luck, our own selves, and others, Daniel G. Brinton’s The Pursuit of Happiness provides rare and valuable insights on this most sought-after emotion and the pursuit to attain it.

The book, in addition to defining happiness and explaining the desirability of being taught how to become happy, explores pleasure and pain, the hierarchy of enjoyments, the distribution of happiness in the classes of society and in the two sexes, principles to promote of one’s own happiness, and the consolations of affliction.

A rare classic, The Pursuit of Happiness continues to lend us a helping hand in our relentless pursuit of being happy.

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