6 Simple Fashion Ways To Look Wonderful

By Linda Roberts

Fashionista or not, all ladies must look nice enough to walk the red carpet. Fashion does not have to be too complicated and painful; you can find something inside your comfort zone and make it work. However in case you have zero fashion sense then lucky for you, we’re here to guide you through. There are some things that fashion requires of all women:

The right kind of jewelry can transform any outfit to anything you like. Have ready an array of jewelry that varies in dimensions, type, color, material and length. For any simple outfit on a simple occasion, it’s best to select a simple necklace and earrings. For a wedding or even a party, gold coated earring, bangles and necklace is going to be perfect to show case your style but remember to go big, it’s completely allowed.

These vary from sandals, heels, boots, wedges, flats, flip flops, trainers and others. Whatever kind of shoe you opt for, make it trendy and fashionable. Who said you can not look awesome in a pair of trainers? Different occasions demand different kind of shoes so it’s imperative that you shop for what is in fashion. A basic pair of shoe can transform your entire out look. For instance a little black dress, a high heel pump shoe will make it official, ballet flat is going to make it sweet and simple and strappy high heels will make it sexy and dinner date worthy.

All women should have a handbag. Walking around with things stuffed within your pockets is usually an eye sore. You will find there’s mystery that comes with carrying handbags, just what does she have inside. You can actually describe yourself by the things in your own bag so have one or several. When deciding on a handbag, there are some things you must consider;

(a) Size. The size of your handbag should flatter your figure otherwise it’ll just be off. Should you be very slim, a maxi bag will do you justice however , if you are a bit on the heavier side, a smallish size bag will benefit you.

(b) Color. The color choice of your handbag should compliment your skin tone along with the outfit you have on. Color clashing might make you appear confused and have absolutely no fashion sense.

(c) Occasion. Select the right style of handbag for any occasion you want it for. For weddings and a night out, a clutch purse or perhaps a smaller handbag is going to be appropriate.

Fashion shouldn’t be limited to the streets only. Showcase your style in the beach or pool through the summer season. Go for a swim suit that flatters your figure and attains the looks that you were looking for initially. The color also needs to flatter you, a black swim wear will slim your figure while a bright colored one will make you look bigger. Choose the latest designs and rock the beach.

Everyone should possess a nice dress in their closet if you do not, you will need to shop for one. The trick to rocking dresses is to choose a versatile one that will be worn on different occasions. Wearing a blazer over a dress will make it official and trendy all at the same time, a pair of flats is likely to make it casual and high heels will make it classy. You might be a tom-boy kind of person but a dress is going to do you justice when you need it.

A pair of sun glasses has and will continually be a fashion tool hence you need to at the very least possess a pair. Right now, the reflector lenses have been in fashion along with the colored frame ones. They can be worn in any occasion depending on the kind of the sun glasses. With an official outfit, choose the colored lens ones but for any other occasion that doesn’t demand seriousness, the colored frame will do. Fashion does not necessarily mean a walk in closet to fit everything in. Select one or two things of each of the above, get creative and you really are good to go.

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