Baby Shower Concepts

By Kevin Cruz

A baby diaper cake is one of the most truly unique baby shower gifts that is often given to a mom to be. The only distinction, however, is that it’s not a delicious cake that one would enjoy eating because it’s completely composed of baby diapers. Both disposable and cloth diapers may be used in making a diaper cake, based on what type of diaper the mother will likely to use for her baby.

Baby diaper cakes are made to resemble several tiered cake. If seen from afar, it looks like a wedding cake, but upon closer inspection it’s simply dozens of baby diapers, rolled and wrapped around each other in circle. White diapers are commonly used, but coloured ones are also great.

One of the benefits of diaper cakes is that it gives people lots of choices to choose from. It can be as detailed or as simple as one could want. Creating a diaper cake is actually pretty simple and can only take less than one hour. If finished with a bit of creativeness and tidiness, a homemade diaper cake looks spectacular whether or not one spent a lot.

A baby diaper cake is a more elaborate edition of a wrapped gift, or rather several presents. Usually, it includes a number of presents positioned at the middle of the cake. Meaning, the mother will have to unwrap the cake for her to discover what is hidden there. As it could be big, it is possible to hide bigger gift items in the middle of it.

Making a homemade diaper cake normally begins with covering one diaper, then organizing several folded diapers that forms a circle around the center. The secret is to start with the top level, which might just be 1 or 2 diapers. Making a three tiered cake will more or less need 50 little diapers. Once all of the tiers are completed, small presents could be put in between the diapers, or if it is possible they may be scattered everywhere around the cake.

Ribbons as well as other kinds of decorative items could be put into the cake once all the diapers are in position. You can get creative and colorful as she wants. In this way, the gift may come alive – looking very impressive and attractive. Nevertheless, one should be careful in employing colors, because there are schemes that particularly perfect for boys, but will not work with baby girls. If the gender selection of the baby has been announced, it would be better to think of a gift that suits that gender. Otherwise, a neutral present is highly recommended. Neutral colors like brown, yellow, white, and green are some gender neutral colours that are ideal for both boy and girl.

The simplest way to locate a wide selection of baby diaper cakes is through the Internet. There are plenty of websites that provide more different options of diaper cakes, as well as other baby shower gifts such as baby gift baskets and baby gift sets. Most of the time, these cakes come with a particular theme that makes theme more distinctive and amazing.

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