Bridal Shower Themes and Favor Ideas

Bridal Shower Themes and Favor Ideas Bridal Shower Themes and Favor Ideas A bridal shower is the perfect occasion to ‘shower’ the bride with love, best wishes and fabulous gifts. Legend has it that the tradition dates back to the sixteenth-century when a couple’s love was their only form of riches. To help them start a new life together, friends and family showered the couple with gifts. And, of course, they lived happily ever after!

Today, even the most non-traditional of modern bridal showers captures that original spirit.  Whether you’re throwing a big bash or hosting an elegant evening for the bride-to-be closest to your heart, you will want to make sure the memory of this special day remains close to her heart for years to come. To turn your bridal shower into a smashing success, here are a few tips from Beau-coup to you…

A bridal shower should celebrate the bride’s personality and style. When considering a theme for the shower, make a list of all her loves. If it’s sun and surf she adores, consider a beach themed party complete with beach wedding favors. She won’t put together an outfit without her favorite shade of purple? Plan a purple party! For the woman who loves – or needs – to be pampered, soothe with a spa theme.

A modern option to consider is a coed shower. These non-gendered celebrations are the latest twist in new wedding traditions. If it’s just for the bride, a coed shower includes both her female and male friends. Or, stay on top of the trends with a Couple’s Shower in honor of both the bride and groom. Fire up the grill for a BBQ themed feast and send each guest home with personalized BBQ sauce as a lip-smacking-good party favor.  Or select an assortment of delicious wines for a wine tasting fete. If the couple is heading to an exotic locale for their honeymoon, ask each guest to bring a practical gift such as a travel map, luggage or even an itsy bitsy bikini!

Whether practical or whimsical, pick a theme that will help everyone get into the spirit! And remember, beauty is in the details – and so is the success of your event. Bring your theme to life with coordinated invites, party decorations and favors.

Picking the perfect party decorations, bridal shower favors and supplies will likely be your favorite part of the party planning process. If that sounds like a tongue twister, don’t worry! Beau-coup is here to help keep your party planning tangle free. Gain inspiration by browsing through our extensive selection of bridal shower favors and party decorations. Beau-coup has chic bridal shower gifts, bridesmaids gifts, supplies and favors to complement any theme – no matter how unique.

Whether you are planning a white-gloved affair or channeling Alice in Wonderland, a tea party is a timeless theme. Serve tea along with finger foods such as scones, mini sandwiches, and petite fours. For a touch of fun, have each guest wear a fancy hat and gloves – and decorate one especially for the bride! Less involved than a dinner party, this theme is perfect for a mid-afternoon celebration. Even better with Beau-coup’s selection of fabulous tea party favors and tasty edible favors.

Each guest is assigned a room of the house and brings a gift to be used in that room. As for party décor, anything goes! Use your imagination to create a ‘homey’ feel for your Room of the House party. Assemble guests by a crackling fireplace or bathe in candlelight while indulging in a selection of the bride’s favorite comfort foods.

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