Summer Trends For Men And How To Choose The Ideal Wedding Cufflinks

Summer is a particularly popular time of year to get married. The ambience of a warm sunny afternoon followed by a balmy evening cannot be matched by any other season. If you are planning to attend a summer wedding, it is important to dress smart so that you not only look the part but also feel comfortable in the heat of the day.

For men, Summer 2012 is characterised by soft pastel colours and crisp tailoring. If you are attending a wedding this summer, dress for the occasion, look sharp and make a statement by updating your suit, shirt and cufflinks collection. The essentials for this summer’s wedding season are the following:

The Two-Button Suit

This modern take on the summer suit looks elegant and effortless. The cut is fitted and flattering. Look for light weight fabrics that hang well and give long lines down the back and legs. Avoid black suits and choose softer tones such as grey, beige or navy instead.

The Pastel Shirt

The summer colour palette is a fruit salad of pastels. Look for shirts with a slim fit, a structured collar and a French cuff. Go for crisp fabrics that highlight the tailored lines of the shirt. Do not forget to check the dress code on the wedding invitation. For more casual events it is acceptable to wear a shirt with an open collar so there’s no need for you to wear a tie. This looks more modern and has the added benefit of being cooler on a hot summer’s day.

Excellent for weddings are shirts in lemon, pink, and mint. More gregarious characters may decide to make a bolder statement and show up in tangerine, lime or watermelon.

Coloured Cufflinks

Although small in size, cufflinks are an important fashion accessory that can make a big statement. Complete your look by wearing a dressy and elegant pair of cufflinks appropriate for the summer wedding that you are about to attend. Remember that the way you dress for a wedding shows respect for the couple getting married and your excitement about the occasion.

As colour plays such an important role during the summer season, we highly recommend a pair of coloured cufflinks. Choose a set of cufflinks that match and complement your shirt. Highly polished silver cufflinks with highlights of your chosen colour are cufflinks that will look appropriate at any wedding occasion, especially those held during the summer.

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