The Shape For Your Wedding Cake

It is no secret that your wedding cake will take a very prominent place at your weddingreception. Your guests will all take pictures of the sweet treat and cutting the cake will symbolize your nascent union as husband and wife. Naturally you will want the cake that truly reflects your relationship and personalities. Along with the flavor and style of the cake, the shape of your cake will also play a big role in creating just the right magic for your big day.

There are a wide variety of shapes from which to choose such as round, square, mini, oval and less common – hexagon and octagon. The shape of your cake will in large part be influenced by the style that you choose. Those who wish to have a more traditional cake will probably go with a round, tiered cake while more modern couples would be better off with a square, hexagonal or octagonal cake.

The current rage in wedding cakes is something simple and elegant as those timeless elements will always look good – whether it is for today or for looking back in pictures twenty years from now. Another very appealing trend is for the bride and groom to serve mini-cakes. These delectable desserts are small, intricately detailed, individual-sized cakes that are served to each guest. The beauty of mini-cakes is that each cake can be a different flavor thereby pleasing every palate.

You can also use your courtship and relationship for inspiration when it comes to choosing a shape for your cake. For instance if you had a long-distance relationship then maybe your cake can be a big telephone; or if you both love to dance, then your cake can be a beautiful ballroom. Your imagination is the limit of what your wedding cake can be – after all it is your special day, you might as well have a cake that shows everyone just how special it is!

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