A short circuit with short span of time left to my wedding!!

My wedding was getting near and instead of buying wedding dresses and such stuff, I was stuck with my house furnishing work. Actually it wasn’t on the list when we decided our marriage date. But that horrible night was the reason for all that fuss.

Oh sorry dudes I started from mid. You can easily judge my state of mind from this post. So let’s start from the beginning. I was getting married and everything was fixed. I was very happy. Even though it was summer season a very hot summer but I was feeling the cool relief of getting married. But with just ten days left until my wedding day a horrible incident happened. I was sleeping in my bedroom when I felt the heat on my face. My flat was on fire!!

My neighbors were knocking at the door. I opened the door and let them help me extinguish the fire but all wallpapers and so many other things were burnt in the process. I wasn’t sure about the reason for the fire and was confused. Next day I called the insurance people. They investigated everything and came to know it was because of low standard wiring. The wire heated up and got fire and the result was half of my belongings were burnt and with less than 10 days to my wedding I had to change all my electrical wires & cable and wallpapers and refurnish my house.

Beside financial loss, I suffered so much mental torture only because of cheating of the builder who used low quality power cable for wiring of my flat. But now it was up to me so I searched for top wire cable manufacturers and used the best cable for wiring. During this process I came to know you should use cable made from copper and it must have a good pvc insulation. Copper is a good heat resistant. And chances of heating up and getting fire are minimum.

Luckily I was able to get everything fixed in time. I was left with 3 days until my wedding day. So you can imagine what kind of shopping I had done 🙁 .  But after all that experience I found some happiness on my wedding day. After all, I was getting married with the one I love 🙂

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