Cosmetic emergency stay beautiful for a wedding day


Where women who do not want to look beautiful and perfect on her wedding day? However, standing for hours under the glare of flashbulbs and the lights can make your makeup fade. How tricks to outsmart? 

As a bride, it is very important for you to prepare a special cosmetic bag to anticipate emergency situations such as:

Oil paper

Face shining like dew on the wedding day was gorgeous. But it is different if the skin looks shiny due to excess oil production. Make sure you provide an oil absorbent paper to maintain a fresh face glow all day.


Prepare a matte powder that has the ability to absorb oil to reduce shine with light strokes on the face. After using wax paper, Dab a thin layer of talcum powder in areas that need it, especially the forehead and nose are prone to look shiny in photos.

Cutton bud

Provide some stem cutton bud to clean the smudged eyeshadow or mascara from makeup.


At weddings, there will be many scenes of kissing cheeks and eat and drink what you do. So, provide a lipstick to wring back lip color that faded during the procession. If your makeup is handled special makeup, lipstick buy the same ones he used.


If your eyes smoky eye makeup with style for weddings, you may need to re twist eyeliner smudged all day.


Concealer can be a powerful weapon to black blemishes, acne scars, or scars on the face. Provide always in the emergency cosmetic bag.


Do not let it ruin the appearance of tears of joy on your special day. Provide facial tissue to wipe it.

Double-sided tape and safety pins

You never know when going to need it. It is better to anticipate rather than regret in the future.


Hair clips or bobby pins are very useful to embed a wild hair. Your hair may need to be strengthened again after a few hours to greet guests.

Deodorant or perfume

Stay fresh and fragrant is a must on your wedding day. Provide a deodorant or perfume to spray, especially when the air all around began to feel hot and stuffy.

Wound plaster

The new bridal shoes you buy may look lovely when worn. But, the shoes can also be hurt and wounded skin of your feet. Provide a band-aid to cope.

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