Perfect Shopping For Your Perfect Wedding Day!

When you sign up to a wedding package, someone else gets to do all the shopping. Here’s how to do it yourself.

Step 1: Book the ceremony. Whatever your style this is important, after all it binds you two together “for better or worse”. Aaah!

Step 2: Book the reception venue and ignore the rules. Stand up, sit down, buffet, served, Do it your way! Take a weight off your mind and let people sit where they want; much more relaxed.

Step 3: Book your photographer, to bring you priceless memories.

Step 4: The best bit – go shopping! Who couldn’t enjoy that? You’ve got the budget, you’ve got the style, go for it! There’s:

The Dress: What colour will yours be? Years ago people married in their “Sunday best”. White is a royal thing. As media coverage of royal weddings grew so did this fashion. Pictures of George VI and Elizabeth, all in white, were seen on news-stands across the land, then in 1949 the first ever televised royal wedding, Princess Elizabeth and handsome Philip was beamed to the nation.

Wedding gowns are always lovely, but the ones that stand out for me are the gorgeous rich green one, the stunning royal blue dress and cape, and the funky gold striped number. Mine was blue too, my favourite colour. Years ago I asked my GrandMother, who married way back in 1929, why she chose a green wedding dress? “Why not?” She replied “It’s my favourite colour.” Her sage green flapper style dress with silver cloche hat, gloves and bag, would be stylish in any decade.

Shoes: Whatever the season, even where the weather’s more reliable, you can’t know what it’ll be like on your day. Unless you’re doing the whole thing indoors, you need shoe options. Oh, don’t forget to wear-in the shoes at home beforehand; weddings can be tough on feet, be comfy!

Veil or Not To Veil: Have fun trying things on, but take true friends with you – they’ll tell you if something looks ridiculous. The range is endless, from full silk veil to a Spanish comb or smart top hat.

Accessories: Minimal’s good, but wise to have a small handbag, for a hankie, lippie, other useful things.

Kitting Out Attendants: Can be tricky, with a range of ages and sizes. So it’s even more important to think outside the box, keeping away from “tradition”. For instance, have you thought about harem pants, or smart coat dresses? Your choice, it’s your day.

Right, what’s next?

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