4 Ways to Use Sparklers at Your Wedding

Sparklers are getting more and more popular at weddings, and there are tons of great ways that the can be used. Most people think of running around outside with sparklers in their hand, but you can us them as props for a variety of different moments during your wedding. Here are 4 ways to use sparkler at your wedding that will make your day more magical and memorable.

First Kiss

It’s a classic moment at every wedding; the couple shares their first kiss in front of all the guests. It ca be a breathtaking moment on its own, but using sparklers to highlight the kiss can make it even more dramatic. Just hand out sparklers to your guests and instruct them to light them just before the big kiss. You also want to find a suitable wedding venue that allows sparklers indoors because not all of them do.

On the Cake

Similar to lighting candles on a birthday cake, you can use sparklers to adorn your wedding cake with glittering magic. Your guests will have a look of awe on their faces when your cake appears completely loaded up with lit sparklers! Just make sure you get the right type of sparklers to put on your cake because regular sparklers will leave a nasty residue all over the frosting.

First Dance

I know what you’re thinking; using sparklers on the dancefloor is a really bad idea. Since I totally agree, you should only limit this to during the couple’s first dance together. That way, you can just have each guest line up on the edge of the dancefloor with their sparklers in hand and they will be finished burning before it’s time for them to get on the dancefloor themselves. That way you can have the magic of sparklers for the couple as they dance without the unnecessary dangers of guests trying to coordinate their own dancing while holding a burning stick.

Grand Entrance/Exit

Saving the best for last, the most popular way that people choose to use sparklers at their wedding is for either their grand entrance or grand exit. When the couple is first announced at their reception, they make what is known as a grand entrance. This can be enhanced by giving your guests 36 inch wedding sparklers and having them line up along the entrance path holding them high in the air. Some couples prefer to do the same routine during their exit at the end of the night as they head off to the honeymoon, but the process is essentially the same only reversed. Chances are if you’ve used sparklers during a wedding reception, this is how it was done.

There are always new and exciting ways to use sparklers being dreamt up by couples, so feel free to use your imagination to discover your own. These are the 4 most common ways that couples use sparklers at their wedding, but the sky is the limit if you are a creative person that wants their wedding to be unique and out of the ordinary.

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