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A lot of activities are involved in the wedding decoration and wedding table decoration is one of the important activities in wedding decoration. Wedding table is an important element and is under the deep observation of all the guests as wedding couple stand by this table and place all the gifts on the table. People can arrange the decoration material on this table in different stylish looks and also decorate in different ways. Here are some important ideas for the wedding decorators to decorate the wedding table to give more special, stylish and beautiful look.

First of all make some initial planning about the decoration and then start collecting material to decorate the wedding table. The decorating may include the table cover, some ribbons, flowers, candles and most important of all is to place a beautiful and stylish wedding table centerpiece to add to the beauty of the table to impress the viewers. A lot of beautiful centerpieces with wedding theme are available there in the market in different prices.

People can decorate the wedding table in different themes in any of the following:

* Candle light decoration
* Flower bouquet decoration
* Centerpiece decoration
* Rose petals decoration
* Mix of all above ideas

People can enhance the beauty of the wedding table by doing something special with the table cover. By wrapping the cover around the table and then decorating it with some electric lights in the best combination with other decorations.Wedding decoration is a very exciting activity and it becomes more exciting when the wedding ceremony is to be celebrated on some outdoor location other than homes and hotels like gardens, seashores or some beach like locations. To decorate outdoor wedding place is very difficult as people have to carry all things to the wedding place that may enhance the wedding cost than the planned cost.Outdoor wedding decoration should be done by keeping the nature of the place, weather and timings of the wedding ceremony in time.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Here are some useful ideas regarding outdoor wedding decoration activities. To decorate the wedding place, select the theme of the decoration like which color should be dominant in the whole decoration and what type of decoration material to be used in the decoration. After making a decision about decoration theme start decorating the wedding place. You have waves crashing in on the beach at a hawaiian weddingto cover following activities while decorating the wedding place: 

1). Grand Entrance of Wedding Place
2). Seating Arrangement & Chairs decoration
3). Wedding Stage Decoration
4). Wedding Table Decoration
5). Floor Decoration etc

In decorating the wedding reception area, you can make use of balloons, tulles, flowers and electric lights. In sitting arrangement, you have to focus on arrangement of chairs, chair covers and decoration of back of chairs. You can wrap the back of chair with color tulles like red color tulle on white chair cover or some other color you like. All other arrangements including wedding table, stage and floor decoration, you have to keep all decoration in best combination with other decorations.

Wedding is not only a time to rejoice for the couple but also for the entire family and friends. A number of little details need to be dealt with, among which the wedding reception table decoration is the most important one. This is because guests mostly spend their time in the reception area. Therefore, it is essential to decorate the wedding reception accessories such as wedding reception tables, wedding reception centerpiece, wedding reception cakes, and wedding reception menu. 

It is important that wedding reception table decoration should complement the entire wedding theme. Here are some of ideas of table decorations for wedding reception.

*Table cloth covers:

The classic color of wedding table cloth is white. In order to make your table covers more colorful, you can also use colored cloths that best complement the dominating colors of thereception. One idea is to add colorful doilies, runners, overlays, and so on to your table cloth. Use napkins of contrasting colors.

*Table shape and arrangement:

Your table decoration depends a lot on the shape of the table. The round and oval shaped tables give a more stylish and graceful look. Arrange tables in a cluster in order to provide more chance to the people to mingle with each other so that a conversation can be encouraged.

*Light effect: 

You can use candles as centerpiece accents. Different shapes and colors of candles are made specifically for wedding receptions that are used to decorate and light up the tables. A number of choices are available in floating candles and candles on stand. Use mirrors at the base of the candles to reflect more light. You can even use rope lights along the table edges to decorate the table.


The most traditional way of wedding reception table décor is the use of floral wedding centerpieces. You can use many floral centerpieces to decorate the table if you are using a rectangular table. However, place a single centerpiece at the center on a round or oval table. You can also use votive to surround the centerpieces to make them even more attractive.

*Fruit bowls and fish bowls:

One distinctive way of decorating the wedding reception table is to use fruit bowls. Fill the bowls with fruits that are cut in different shapes. You can even use goldfishes for decorating the table. Create a beach look by spreading sea shells and star fish shaped decorations on the table.

*Picture frames and cookie baskets:

Instead of using floral centerpieces, decorate the wedding tables with picture frames, containing pictures of the groom and bride. You can also set to look like a journey down the memory lane. Moreover, you can even use candy baskets or cookie baskets to decorate as centerpieces.

*Table setting:

Use china, cutlery, and glasses in order to create a stunning table decoration. Arrange tables in an elegant way by placing the cutlery and silverware. In addition, use ornately folded napkins and match the colors with the china, tablecloth and the centerpieces. Decorate the chairs with ribbons and covers that best complement the table covers.

Apart from these decoration ideas, you can use anything that is unique and distinctive. For this, you need to be very creative and imaginative.

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