I Was Pleased To Find Some Gorgeous Patio Party Lights

By Bruce M. Benni

When we bought our home last year, I loved pretty much everything about the house, but I was certainly not taken with the back yard, but now we have redone it complete with patio party lights. The seller offered us a discount on the house because the yard was such a disaster, full of rodent holes, and weeds that were as high as my chest. After we closed on the sale and moved in to the new place, I was completely at a loss as to what to do with it and at the time, we didn’t have the money to embark on any major home improvement projects.

I had to content myself with just pulling out the weeds and wait until I had some extra cash to do what I actually wanted. Well, finally, we had saved enough money and had landscapers come in and get rid of the gopher holes, lay some sod, and put some stones and a concrete patio in a few key locations. When the landscaper was done, I entirely adored it, but as the sun went down, I found that it was too dark to enjoy my new lovely yard, and the porch light was not enough to cut it.

This was the thing that compelled me to look into some patio party lights to make the backyard truly dazzling, and allow friends and family to enjoy the yard even well into the night. I had first seen these lights at an outdoor barbecue at a country club and thought they were fantastic.

Of course, since it was at a country club, it was hard to find out where they had come from and when I asked a couple of the employees if they knew anything, they just shook their heads and told me that they were put there by a landscaping company whose name nobody could remember. With a deep sense of discontent, I drove back home and got online to see if I could find these lights on the Internet.

After just a few minutes of searching, I found a great website that had the very lights that I was looking for, so I placed an order, and I also added some amazing solar yard art that they had on the website. Once the package came, I immediately ran out to the backyard and put up the lights, and was so excited for the sun to go down so that I could see the full effect of the garden lights, and enjoy the fact that I had an amazing yard that I could be proud of!

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