Cufflinks for Weddings: Buying The Right Cufflinks For Your Spring Wedding

Spring is a particularly popular time of year to get married. The weather is warmer, there’s a plethora of flowers in bloom and the gardens and fields are beautiful and green after the winter rain. It is important therefore to embrace the characteristics of spring if you are planning to wed in this stunning time of year.

A spring wedding should embody the essence of this beautiful season with a focus on new blooms, fresh colours and delicate details. Keen attention to detail in incorporating these specific elements will guarantee the right tone and mood is set for your spring wedding. All of your choices from your invitations to your decorations, right down to the cufflinks your groomsmen wear should be considered carefully to achieve a fresh Spring feel.

With a wide range of cufflink designs available today it may be difficult to determine which style is best for your Spring Wedding. So, we’ve done the hard work for you and after reviewing literally thousands of different designs of cufflinks for men, here are our top picks of cufflinks for your Spring wedding:

1. Silver Cross Cufflinks

These style of cufflinks are elegant and sophisticated. They are on the top of our list because you can never go wrong with this style. The style is fresh and delicate. The clean lines and the polished finish is modern and will complement any style of suiting.

2. Mauve Squares

Lavender, lilac and purple are particularly popular hues for your spring wedding. Why? Because they look striking and elegant against white, they combine beautifully with both black and grey suiting and there’s a wide variety of flowers available in these colours to choose from. We love this square cufflink design which is simple yet attractive.

3. Multistripe Cufflinks

If the many stunning colours of Spring are the inspiration for your wedding theme, these multistripe cufflinks will be perfect for your groom and groomsmen. This beautiful combination of colours will compliment all manner of colour schemes and will look great against a white, blue or mauve shirt.

4. White Silk Knots

Silk knots have also made the shortlist of ideal cufflinks for your spring wedding. These are ideal for couples who wish to have a minimalistic approach. White silk knots make an elegant and sophisticated statement against a crisp white shirt and achieve a clean and fresh look for the men in your bridal party.

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