Top Tips when choosing your Wedding Veil

A veil can transform the simplest dress into a stunning Bridal outfit.

1. If you are having a veil then you need to consider its colour, style, length, number of tiers and the material from which it’s made from.

2. Try lots of different styles and lengths of veil in different fabrics to find the one that best compliments your outfit.

3. Don’t have a heavily patterned veil with a very ornate dress as one will “fight” with the other.

4. Your guests should say “YOU look stunning”, not “your outfit looks stunning”

5. Don’t have a veil that cuts across detail at the back of the dress. Let the veil finish below the decoration. Silk tulle is sheer enough to allow decoration to show through.

6. If you are petite, don?t have a veil that swamps you such as a high bouffant veil. It will only make you look smaller

7. Think of adding colour eg. embroidery, to the veil to link in with your bridesmaids and/or bouquet.

8. Remember the veil is part of the Bridal outfit, not something that is “plonked” on your head as an after thought.

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