Health and Beauty tips for Brides

Pre-wedding beauty tips for bridesA bride who aims to create a perfect image of your wedding day. This is the time when every bride wants to look her best. Pamper the skin of the bride is a way to try to improve on them. But there’s more. Below is a ... Read More

How to Shed Baby Weight after Delivery

Being a new mom can itself take a toll on your life initially, so do not be surprised if your doctor says that losing weight is something that should be the last thing on your mind for at least 6-8 months after your delivery. It is important for you to ... Read More

Finding A Good OBGYN In Your Place

By Olga Berger As soon as you discover that you are pregnant, you must find an OBGYN doctor. Why? Because it's a delicate stage of a woman's life and you need someone to guide and assist you so that you will have a healthy pregnancy. We understand that some of ... Read More

Common Excuses For Being Unhealthy

We all live with excuses of a wide variety every day of our lives. It’s all a part of a rationalization of why we do, or don’t do, something. The power of rationalization can’t be underscored enough and it’s being able to recognizing when we’re doing it that we can ... Read More

Home Remedies for Healthy and Shiny Face Skin

These chemical products work initially but they have many side effects which pop-up with the passage of time, which can not be treated afterwards. These products do not make your skin radiant naturally and give a short lived life to your skin. We are presenting here some short natural ways ... Read More

Bridal beauty and care

Pre-wedding care Every woman wants to look gorgeous and beautiful on her wedding day. She wants her skin to glow with radiance and glamour. She wants to look her best and to shine like a bright star. Well if you want your skin to glow and to have a very ... Read More

Slimming down for your big day

It is true that many African-American women are not much fair. But brides should worry as there are many makeup tips available with the best colors for African-American skin tones and how to properly deal with common problems so you can be wedding-day gorgeous. Here are some tips how to ... Read More

Healthy Brides

Health Tips for Brides…This healthy tips suggests that don’t miss your walk. It will relieve stress and help you burn some calories and clarity of mind too.  Brides should learn to sit and walk straight consciously. For health sake, your have to stay strong and your posture must look great for the ... Read More