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The last decade has seen an upswing of fashion designers using traditional Japanese paper techniques to guide their work. From paper eyelashes to sculptural dresses, don’t miss this inspiring list of 20 paper fashion designers.

Isn’t it truly amazing that today’s fashion industry makes use of a great variety of materials for creating breathtaking Paper Dresses? Artists have always been exploring different materials in order to use them in their artworks, but paper has turned out to be the most simple and the one with numerous potentialities. Paper is one of such materials the value of which can’t be overestimated. Due to the enhanced design techniques, it is frequently used for developing the extravagant clothes today. Paper fashion has become enormously popular and awesome examples of paper dresses can be seen in various fashion shows, installations, advertising campaigns. Though, there are a lot of inspiring paper dresses in the fashion world, I offer you to browse the most creative and wonderful. Let’s admire them!

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