Blow Flyy The New Age Hip-Hop Artist

Anthony Grant famous by his professional name “Blow Flyy” is a songwriter and Hip-Hop/ Rap artist from Canada. Blow Flyy is a perfectionist from song writing to composition he gives his all to his work to make it a perfect piece of art. While listening to his songs one can imagine how much dedication and passion is behind its making.

Blow Flyy

Blow Flyy

Blow Flyy is no doubt a new age artist with new thought process when it comes to the industry. He goes deeply into his work, observes the music world as well as the world around. Rather then making his fans to follow him he follows there liking and desires and writes and makes the music accordingly. That’s the reason his songs are very appealing and inspirational. He remains loyal to his identity and genre rather than seeking to commercialize his work and looking to be singed. That’s why his work is clean and quality and not the vulgar or money oriented.

Here is a couple of Blow Flyy’s songs that will inspire and touch the heart of any women and you must listen to them.

And after listening to the songs below you will surely become a Blow Flyy fan. Songs are clean and simple but yet entertaining enough to make you listen to them again and again.

Not enough? Want to listen more of him? Surely you can. You can buy his Complete Albums on any of the below links

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Want to know more about him? Surely you will be keen to know more about him after listening to his songs.
BLOW FLYY‬ was “FEATURED” in a Clothing Mag for his sound, style & swag in today’s Hip-Hop scene

Just check it yourself

Blow flyy

Blow flyy

And at the end we on behalf of our editorial team congratulate BLOW FLYY for great review by world renown online Music Mag. As first of all it’s really hard to get a review by them. Singers just keep on writing to them for reviewing them and they have to wait for months for that to happen. But in the case of Blow Flyy they found him and his music capabilities worth a splendid review by there Music blog. That really proves what abilities, potential, talent and composition and vocal skills he got.

Oh forgot to mention you can check the Music Blog review here

You must be a fan of Blow Flyy till now just like me. If you want to follow him you can find him on links below as he uses the online community to grow & perfect his craft while discovering new things he enjoys writing about. So you can follow his work on the links below.

Official Band Page | Reverbnation | Instagram  | SoundCloud | Pinterest | Twitter | About me

Or in case you want to contact his manager, luckily we got his twitter account too. You can Contact Blow Flyy’s Manager here

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