We Need to Talk….

They are the most dreaded words in the English language.  Whether it’s saying it or having to hear it no one, and I mean no one wants anything do with those four words.  Lucky for us the recently released film We Need to Talk presents this scenario on a comedic level that everyone can laugh at. The short film was produced by the uprising production company Laura Jane Entertainment, a new indie production team that have an incredibly talented crew behind them.  The story of We Need to Talk is based on two couples, both couples are having turbulent conversations starting with those four, dreaded words.  The audience is taken on a short journey into the lives of these odd couples and their desperate attempts at life changing conversations.

we need to talk movieIn the film the character Kate, played perfectly by Lilly Dennis, is attempting to break up with her needy boyfriend Jason, portrayed by Nicholas McDonald. In the meantime, elsewhere another couple is currently starting a conversation the same way, but with a totally different turn as Rebecca, played by the talented Ximena Casillas, tries to confess her love to her best friend Ben, Chris Manning.  The two conversations are cleverly written to coincide with each other and then edited to perfection, switching in and out of each scenario consistently.  The entire film is extremely well constructed and has great comedic bones.  We Need to Talk manages to take some of seriousness away from those words we hear way to often in this relationship crazy world.

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