Interview With An Accomplished Film Producer : Christina Jo’Leigh

Christina Jo’Leigh is an accomplished professional with comprehensive experience in both the entertainment industry and legal profession.  Since 2009, Christina has produced over 60 independent projects and nearly 300 television episodes.Christina founded Cinematic Artistry, a Los Angeles based independent production company, for the development and production of challenging and socially relevant projects. Her work has earned numerous awards.

We have recently interviewed her for SheMag, so we are sharing it here with you.

Christina Jo'Leigh

First tell us about the start of your professional career?

I come from a background of over a decade in the legal profession and first ventured into entertainment by pursuing acting and voiceover as a creative outlet.  It didn’t take long though for my aspirations to transition to producing.  Applying my business and legal background to creative projects yielded spectacularly satisfying results.  I’d finally found a place where both my right and left brain could come out and play!


 What has been more appealing to you, entertainment industry or legal profession?

They each have their own allure and rewards.  I can’t imagine choosing just one or the other.  Discovering I could combine the two has been the ultimate ideal.  I think that’s the biggest secret to achieving a rewarding life, bringing passion into your profession.


Tell us about your recent film “All Out Dysfunktion!”

On first blush, ‘All Out Dysfunktion’ is not the kind of film I imagined myself becoming involved with.  But after many conversations with writer/producer David Bianchi and director/producer Ryan LeMasters, we worked through several of my initial reservations and delved deeper into the core of the film’s message.  After which, I came to terms with the idea that as a vehicle for the message it delivers, it is an effective means of reaching the right audience.

It is set in the outskirts of Hollywood.  Five extremely narcissistic adults, each unable to afford their own place, crashing together and splitting rent on one house.  It begins as a bawdy comedy filled with a mixed bag of broad stereotypes who seem to have virtually no redeeming qualities.  One roommate cuts a deal with a sleazy promoter to host an underground rave party at the house in exchange for the promise for a career-launching opportunity.  As the party gets underway, the film turns progressively darker.  I won’t go so far as to describe it as a character study, but rest assured, all the residents of this house have profound personality problems.

If you like movies such as ‘Hangover’ or ‘Go’, chances are this is your kind of movie.  The film now available for pre-order on iTunes at:!/id1135100821


What kind of response you are expecting from the release of this movie?

Widely divergent.  I think you either love it, or you hate it.  I’m not convinced there is an in-between.


Tell us about Your Production Company “Cinematic Artistry”?

Cinematic Artistry was founded in 2009.  We started small, taking on short-form projects such as music videos and short films.  Gradually we built up to international commercials for top-tier brands, television projects, and independent feature films.  We are based in Los Angeles, but travel the world, going wherever the productions take us.


 You have earned numerous awards. What has been one of the biggest achievements in your career so far?

CJL_NYIt’s not about the awards.  I’ve never been a seeker of fame, in fact, I value my privacy too much for that.  It’s about the lives you touch and the difference you can make.  I count as one of my biggest achievements thus far, my contributions to a documentary project I was involved in 2006 which helped expose the atrocious human rights violations occurring in a polygamous cult.  My small contribution in helping bring to that situation to light, and thus put an end to it, will always remain one of the achievements I am most proud of.

You have already produced over 60 independent projects and nearly 300 television episodes. What’s your future goal?

To keep raising the bar on the quality of work that I produce, to have a positive impact, and to leave the world a little better than I found it.


What projects do you have coming up?

My next feature, “Polaris” is already completed and we are currently aiming for a winter 2016/17 release.  It’s a pure drama, with a female protagonist.  Through the relationships of the characters and their struggles, it tangentially addresses cultural issues, gender equality and the human impact of war.


 Are you active on Social Media? How you can be followed online?

I am!  I don’t post just to make noise, and often am just too busy to post.  But when I have good or worthwhile news to share, or sometimes just positive thoughts, I will.


Twitter:     @CinematicArt

Instagram:      @CinematicArtistry


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