An Exclusive Interview with Author of “How Not To Become A Vampire” – Melissa Pombo

We recently had a conversation with our most faviourte & talented author Melissa Pombo about her newly published book “HOW NOT TO BECOME A VAMPIRE” and writing career.. Sharing it with our readers here.

An Exclusive Interview with Author of How Not To Become A Vampire - Melissa Pombo -

SheMag : What skills have you learned that will help you in your writing career?

Melissa Pombo : When I first started on my literary journey, I really did not understand the ins and outs of being a published author. I figured out how to write a book, little did I know that writing was going to be the easiest part. I am just now figuring out how to promote myself as well and being comfortable with answering questions about myself.

SheMag : What made you decide to pursue a career in Writing?

Melissa Pombo : I have always wanted to be a writer. I dabbled a little in writing short stories until one night I had a dream about a young boy who was made to go on a quest into the supernatural world. I sat down that next morning and wrote my first book.

SheMag : Tell us about your newly published book “HOW NOT TO BECOME A VAMPIRE”.

Melissa Pombo : HOW NOT TO BECOME A VAMPIRE”, is about a young woman named Sloane. She encounters the Vampire race under strange circumstances which thrust her into a world where she is considered the most alluring prize.

SheMag : As it is a thrilling suspense novel so what inspired you to write this novel?

Melissa Pombo : As silly as it sounds, “HOW NOT TO BECOME A VAMPIRE”, was an accidental journey. I came up with the idea of Sloane while I was in the shower one day. I quickly jumped out and started writing her story. Amazingly, it took only eleven days to create Sloane’s adventure.

SheMag : What was the one challenge you face while writing “HOW NOT TO BECOME A VAMPIRE”?

Melissa Pombo : Honestly, the one challenge was not being able to write fast enough. My imagination was going so fast that I ended up writing short notes to myself so I didn’t forget things that I wanted to add to the story.

SheMag : Our readers would like to know about the start of your professional career.

Melissa Pombo : The start of my career was almost frightening to me. I had submitted my first book, “THE LAST BITE”, to numerous editors. I received 5 “No thank you” letters. After each one I would get just a little more heart broken. That is when I got the call that has literally changed everything for me. My editor wanted to publish “THE LAST BITE”. I have not looked back since.

SheMag : So, everyone knows you write the best novels, but who motivated you? Who are some of your favorite people to support you?

Melissa Pombo : At this point in my writing career, I have a few main supporters. My sister Sharon who unfortunately lives entirely too far away. After I finish a chapter, I call her and read it to her. Some of the funniest interactions in my books have come from her. I also have been honored with having friends within the writing community that help encourage me to be a better author. They also read through my manuscript before I submit it to make sure that it is the best version of itself.

SheMag : What kind of writer would you classify yourself as?

Melissa Pombo : I try to be a daily writer, but life seems to get in the way of that on occasion. When I do start a new book, I am almost obsessive with it. I think about it, dream about it. I am always creating new plots and twists for my novels.

SheMag : As a girl it’s not easy to manage writing & family at the same time, so how do you manage the time to deal with family and writing?

Melissa Pombo : I make them eat popcorn for dinner. They clean the house and have learned how to chauffer themselves by the time they are twelve. Seriously though, I try to balance my family and my writing. I write when I am alone and spend time with them when they are home. They do occasionally eat popcorn for dinner though.

SheMag : Any advice for female writers?

Melissa Pombo : Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do it. Find the time to write, even if it is late into the night and everyone is asleep. Have confidence in yourself as well as your work. Become confident, not conceited. Be the rock star that you want to be.

SheMag : What is the best method to stay in touch with on social media?

Melissa Pombo : The best way to keep in touch with me is through Facebook or Instagram under AuthorMelissaPombo. Or you can reach me through email at

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