Consider Fur Restyling to Restore your Old Coats

Despite being old and stressed, your fur coats and jackets remain to be well-treasured heirlooms that cannot be given away easily. So, what can be done to restore their original good looks and transform them into chic statement pieces once again? Regardless of whether you are dealing with vintage finds from remote places on Earth or treasured inherited heirlooms in the form of the finest furs, professional restyling serves to be the answer to your woes of getting back the lost look for your coats and jackets.

Stylish Revamps are in Order

Do not pack in your timeless minks, fox furs and other coveted possessions deep into the closet with mothballs. Rather, take them out of their stuffy plastic backs and grant them stylish revamps, and thus a second innings, without any further ado. Given below are some interesting ways of restoring your furs and making them look as good as new once again.

Shorten the Length

With every decade comes a different coat length that fascinates designers and fur wearers alike. Be it your floor length, knee length or waist length coats, you may want to alter their look by raising or lowering the hemline as per your style and requirements. Say, if you have chosen to keep away your floor length coat as it grazes the ground, it would be a good idea to raise the hem to remove the botherations of weather-related damages brought about by salt or rain. Alternatively, you may want to don a knee length fur coat that retains its formal look and is more wearable. The lesser formal lengths, such as hip-length or mid-thigh length coats are quite popular with people looking for more practical fur restyling alternatives.

Consider the Fur’s Form

It would make a big difference to your furs if you reconsider their form in case they are still in good condition and boast of appropriate lengths. You may want to make minor adjustments in terms of removing the original shoulder padding or shortening the sleeves to keep your coats looking contemporary, yet retaining their classic appeal. How about redesigning your baggy fur coat by reducing its waistline or including new tapering to enhance its form? Either way, you will have new-looking fur apparel to flaunt at the next gathering  that  you intend to mark your presence at.

Trim, Line or Shear?

If you observe your furs closely, you will find that the ones belonging to the 90s are relatively heavier and bulkier than their modern-day counterparts. You may like to opt for professional shearing techniques to get rid of excessive hair or shred off the bulky material to make your coat appear lighter. Offering a new silhouette by adding an extra trim or any other material to the cuffs, hood or collar are other means of redesigning your old coats and jackets. A greater aesthetic mix-up can be in the offing by adding the pelt to wool, cashmere or top-quality leather.

Are you ready to enhance your existing furs with the right restoration and redesigning techniques up your sleeve?


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