Wedding Tips On A Budget

By Taylor Persson

When you start planning your wedding, you want to have as many unknowns as you can to be taken out of the equation while still staying within your personal budget. This is why it so important to determine your wedding venue, your reception area, and the decorations that will be required in order to make your special day absolutely perfect. Once you take all these factors and can accurately pin down exactly what you want, everything else should fall into place rather easily after these issues are resolved.

Wedding venues can be very pricey, depending upon where you want your ceremony to be held. If you’re more traditional, perhaps renting space in a house of worship might be not only ideal for you, but cost-effective as well. However, if you are planning to get married in a more unique venue like a zoo (yes, it has happened before), a nature sanctuary, or a botanical garden, you’re going to probably have to pay much more and should start saving as much as possible for booking the actual venue. Ideally this should be months, maybe even a year or more in advance. This is because these types of venues typically get booked up faster just by the very nature of the demand for the non-traditional wedding venue. Make sure to get a reservation as early as you can.

A wedding reception can become very expensive, very quickly. Whether you choose to book a wedding hall or having your reception in a relative’s backyard, you need to really think about your budget and what you can afford to pay for the kind of experience you want. Reception halls can be expensive, so make sure you plan carefully. The last thing you want going into your first year of marriage is a ton of debt from the wedding. Usually receptions are catered in-house, and if you want this changed, it might cost extra. Check to see if you can have your cake delivered to the reception; you’ll be glad you did.

You may want to pay for flowers to be professionally arranged. Make your own centrepieces and party favours for guests to save money. Above all, stay on budget. Careful choice of the, venue, reception, and decorations will make your wedding highly memorable without being highly-priced.

Your wedding will be a beautiful affair. Keep these tips in mind for your comfort and your guests’ comfort, and enjoy your wonderful wedding.

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