What You Must Never Do If You Want Him To Propose To You!

Both you and your boyfriend have already been in a relationship for a few years but you are wanting to know how to get him to propose. You could have dropped countless hints but every time, he always seems to be able to evade the question. You even dread going to any kind of family events now simply because you know your friends and family are going to ask you when you are intending to get married.

Does this predicament sound familiar to you? So what can you do to make him pop the big question?

There are numerous things that women can and will carry out in an attempt to get their boyfriends to pop the question and one of these tactics is “giving him a marriage ultimatum”. Perhaps you have been considering giving him an ultimatum in an effort to “force” him to propose to you, don’t! That is the very last thing you would want to do and just as the word implies, you will truly make him feel as though you are”forcing” him to marry you.

In fact, using an ultimatum to get that engagement ring that you so badly desired is the same as making an attempt at relationship suicide. Nevertheless, if you think that there is a genuine need to present him with such a “threat” or otherwise he will not really commit to you, then you have to make sure that it is definitely a genuine request! If you don’t mean it, then don’t do it!

Oftentimes, for a woman who has been waiting for decades to get married, she is very likely to get anxious as time passes. This is very common considering that the waiting game can drive someone to desperation. As such, she is likely to start giving the boyfriend hints, that will soon lead to threats, in order to get some kind of commitment from him.

However, many women do not realize that an ultimatum sent to your guy is the same as giving him a “threat”. To the guys, such “threats” are very pressurizing and thus, it will usually turn them off. That is why it is common to find that such attitudes will most likely end up with one result from the guys – a breakup. They would rather end the relationship than be forced into a marriage.

It is not that the guys do not love you any longer but they are terrified of making a dedication to you. They may be feeling insecure and therefore do not know if they are all set for such a big responsibility.

So is an ultimatum ever acceptable? Only if you are prepared to deal with the truth and can accept the reply you might get from your man! If you want to give your guy a session of “now or never”, then you better be prepared to pack your baggage and leave should he decide on the “never” response.

You will simply eliminate all your trustworthiness in the relationship should you go back on your words and stay in the relationship. He will probably lose all respect he ever had for you and will never take your words seriously. Therefore, before you decide to provide your guy a marriage ultimatum, be certain that you’re prepared to listen to the truth and act on the response, whatever it may be.

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