10 Wedding Etiquette Tips for the Bride and Groom

It’s simply important that you come across to your guests as appropriate, sincere, and genuinely thankful that they are there to celebrate with you. Trust me, being a graceful bride will keep you from having any regrets five, ten, or fifty years from now. It will also keep your guests filled with memories of you as nothing less than charming, beautiful, and blushing. Remember, this party isn’t only about you; it’s about the bride and groom — and, of course, your guests! Follow these tips to ensure that you are the picture of elegance and grace at your wedding:

* Walk down the aisle with poise, and hold your bouquet by the stems with flowers tilted forward.

* Practice your wedding kiss and make sure it’s sweet, not raunchy.

* Make a mental note to avoid arm-pumping after the ceremony is complete. You’re getting married, not cheering for a high school football team! Walk back up the aisle together as the happy, elegant couple you are.

* Attend your own cocktail hour! When couples schedule photos during this time, they miss out on sharing those first few moments of newlywed excitement with their family and friends. Also, consider that couples often enter the reception room fifteen minutes after guests have entered, so missing cocktails as well as the start of the reception means a lot of time away from guests.

* Make a point to look into the eyes of your guests when talking to them — this is good etiquette anytime.

* At the reception, visit each table and greet guests individually. If possible, try to visit with each guest at least twice during the evening. It’s no different than if you were hosting a dinner party at home — you want everyone to feel welcome.

* Always mingle with guests with your new husband at your side.

* Neither you nor your groom should ever be seen smoking or drinking beer from a bottle rather than a proper glass. You’re not at a sports bar!

* Pace yourself when drinking wine or cocktails — no one wants to see a tipsy bride or groom. You don’t want to wind up on Brideszillas!

* Hold your champagne glass by the stem, not the bowl to keep the champagne chilled. And always have a glass within reach for toasts.

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