Bridal Hair Style

Knowing the shape of your face will help you choose the bridal hair cut style that isright for you and will also help you to communicate better with your hair stylist and guide. And good communication is key to a successful outcome at the salon.Suited styles are like chin or shoulder-length cuts with a fringe that can disguises the long forehead.Please remember that this face shape concept is only a simple hair cut guide and there are exceptions.

Bridal Hair Style:

High bridal updos are suitable for long faces and so are sleek long styles. A person with a long face should go for a style that gives more width and volum.It is important to have a trial run with the Hair Stylist before the wedding day.The hairstyle can also include decorative beads, flowers and jewels that go with the color scheme of the dress.bridal hairstyles need to reflect the personality and style and essence of the nature of the bride.Use a curling iron and give the hair some fullness in the crown area and backbridal
hairstyle is probably the most important style you’re going to choose for quite a while, so it makes sense to invest in a little research and practice before the big day.All bridal hair styles have been chosen, have a practice run where all of the ladies meet at the same salon.When the groom is very tall in comparison to the bride a hairstyle that adds height is normally chosen. Different types of buns, French knots and braids are generally the hairstyle chosen.

Hair cut & face look:

Choosing the right hair cut for your face is very important.Firstly, you need to determine your facial structure- do you have an oval face, square face or heart-shaped face? The type of hair style you can wear is best determined by the shape of your face and head. By knowing the shape of your face before you visit the hair salon can help you avoid ending up with a bad hair cut.

Common Mistakes:

Regularly washing your hair strips it of essential oils and can leave it dry and brittle.trimmed every 5 weeks helps to maintain the condition of your hair and its style.Shampoo and conditioner that is not thoroughly rinsed out of the hair is the worst culprit for bad hair days.Using the right product will help to recreate that special salon style.. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week will give hair a residue free fresh start.


Ever wonder why your hair isn’t as shiny or bouncy as those ads, in spite of using the same shampoo? It is no wonder, with the way most of us treat our hair- tugging at it with a hair brush, using elastic bands, blasting it with a hot hair dryer, roughly washing it, slathering lots of products through it.Curl the brush under at the ends to achieve a slight bend. Continue until the back sections are completely dry and then repeat on the top sections of hair.

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