Categories Of Different Photographies

Photography is an expansive art. There are several kinds of photography. We will explain some of the well known categories of photography.


It is the kind of photography in which snaps are captured at an extremely close range. The subjects of this type of photography comprise things like flowers, insects, texture of a woven cloth etc. This photography shows some very interesting aspects.


Photojournalism records only the facts. Embellishment or manipulation of photos is not allowed in this photography. Although a lot of amateurs jump into this field, only well trained photographers can successfully record the original emotions.

Documentary Photography:

Documentary photography tells stories with the help of photos. This type of photography should not be confused with photojournalism. Photojournalism records a particular instance or scene while documentary photography records snapshots of a political or social age for the purpose of historical documentation. The similarity between these two kinds of photography is that both seek to reveal the truth without alteration or manipulation of the photograph.


This photography takes the images of extremely tiny subjects. Very specialized microscopes and cameras are used for this purpose. It is widely used in the disciplines like astronomy, medicine and biology.

Aerial Photography

In this photography, photos are captured from the air. Airplanes, balloons, ultralights, parachutes and remotely controlled aircraft are used to take photographs from the air. These images might be used for military purposes, to capture birds or weather on film, or for surveying or construction.

Portrait Photography

One of the oldest types of photography is portrait photography. The purpose is to show the personality of the subject. The purpose is same whether the subject is a family member or a pet.

Underwater photograhpy

Scuba drivers and snorkelers mostly take up this photography. This is a very uncommon type of photography because of very high costs. High costs are because of the fact that scuba diving and underwater photography equipment are very expensive. Another problem that makes this photography less common is that capturing photographs underwater is very complicated because the scuba goggles are magnified and they distort the vision.

Wedding Photography:

It is a blend of various kinds of photography. The wedding photographer needs skills of documentary photography, glamour photography, and portrait photography. Click here for examples of work.

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