Make Your Own Wedding Photo Album

After all the stress and bustle of preparing for the wedding, the main event itself seems to pass off very fast. Fortunately, this happens to be one of the most documented days in a person’s life. Even if your recalls of the reception or the ceremony are fuzzy, those memories would live forever in the form of your wedding photo albums. Therefore, we have listed some of the popular reasons to consider storing your memories in the form of a coffee table book. 

First of all, a coffee table album looks classic. These book-like albums consist of hard covers with ivory fabric or traditional white, usually accented with lace or personalized initials, reminding the viewers of the wedding day. While choosing these coffee table albums, you must always choose the one with archival quality and strong matted pages to mount your photos. In order to make it special, you can choose a contrasting ribbon or decorate the cover with memories from your wedding. Most people like passing down their wedding photo albums to their children and therefore you must choose the heirloom quality paper. You can also choose genuine leather to store your special memories. For an instance, leather generally ages well and it can conceal smudges or fingerprints.

The front of the wedding photo albums could be decorated in accordance to your preferences. For an instance, if you were to use leather for your coffee table album, then you can decorate it with contrasting colors. These days, people often customize their wedding albums in a particular theme. For an example, if you have had a Renaissance or a medieval themed wedding, then it would be suggestive to decorate your coffee table album accordingly. A few couples present the book in the form of a narrative, so as to relive the wedding memories every time they see the book. With the help of technology, there are different decorative options available. Regardless of what you choose, make sure you put in your own personal touch to those special memories.

Those who are planning a wedding will have thoroughly planned every single aspect of their special day from the food to the venue and even to what gifts they would like to have from their guests. However, one of the best gifts they will receive will be from themselves by investing in a great wedding photographer to take images of their day which will help them remember their wedding for years to come. Weddings pictures are extremely valuable to many couples as although they may never forget the day they said ‘I do’, it allows them to relive special moments from their union. Wedding albums allow all of these special moments to be kept together and become a keepsake which can remain in your family for years to come. However, with the new advances in technology, many may feel that the traditional book method of storing wedding photographs is unnecessary, but wedding albums are still important regardless of these new technologies.
Over the past few years, there has been an increase in wedding albums being created online, taking away the physical element of a wedding album. Although this can in no way replace a physical album, it offers an easier and more practical method of sharing your wedding photographs with loved ones. This is great for those brides who are looking to keep their wedding album for themselves and wish to not have it looked through by numerous hands which can cause the book to become damaged. By having the photographs on the internet, this eliminates the issue of having family members and friends coming round in order to view images of your special day-they can now do this from the comfort of their own home. However, if your images are placed on to social networking sites such as Facebook, this can create a disadvantage in that the images won’t remain as special as they will be easily accessible by all users. By using the website of your wedding photographer, your images can be exclusively for the eyes of only those you choose.
Thanks to new technologies in both cameras and computers, the possibilities in terms of how wedding photographs can be captured, stored and viewed are endless. However, by only relying on an electronic version of our photographs, we are losing a key element in that our wedding photos are something which we will want to easily enjoy anytime we wish in the coming years throughout our marriage. For this reason, it is not necessarily practical to only have these stored in a digital format as in order to view them, we will need the use of a computer and possibly even the internet. The use of a wedding album will also allow the couple to create a memory book, including special mementos of the day and possibly even special images which have been captured by their loved ones which they would like to have a copy of.

In all, wedding albums are a part of tradition which will forever remain a staple example of the memories of a couple’s wedding day. Although online digital methods allow for ease in terms of sharing and viewing images closely; a wedding album will allow man and wife to one day curl up on the sofa and relive each moment together page by page.

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