Making Your Wedding Memorable

By Taylor Persson

Every couple wants to throw a soiree that no one will ever forget. However, some weddings can be rather run of the mill and generic. Brides worry combining more modern and edgy elements with the traditional wedding of which they have always dreamed. The worry may be for naught though as it is certainly possible to have such a wedding.

Special Ceremony Extras

Religious wedding ceremonies are still quite popular, so you will likely have certain rules to follow. However, you may be permitted to write your own vows, light a candle in honor of those who have passed or have a special person make a speech. Just ask your clergy what is permissible. If you are not having a religious ceremony, choose a wedding ceremony venue that has meaning to you and your spouse. Some ideas include barns, apple orchards, a library or the spot where he proposed.

Unique Wedding Venues

All of the aforementioned locations also serve as possibilities for your wedding reception. Such receptions do not have to be thrown in the traditional catering hall. You could have a small reception at a fancy restaurant or a huge party in a tent on the beach. When choosing outdoor ceremonies and/or receptions, be sure that there is an alternative in case the weather is bad.

Extra Special Touches

Consider adding some extras onto one of your vendor packages. For example, you might hire a live singer for dinner time; many DJs offer them. You could also add some extra food at your reception hall such as an ice cream sundae station after dinner or a raw bar during cocktail hour. Consider getting a groom’s cake for your new husband. You simply need to ask your wedding cake baker how much it will cost. Some couples opt to hire outside vendors. There could be a brief magic show during cocktail hour or a popcorn cart greeting guests as they exit the venue.


How can you ensure that you really remember your special day? You’ll be caught up in a whirlwind of events, so hire both a photographer and a videographer to capture all of the extra special moments. You’ll always be able to look back and cherish the day.

Planning a unique and memorable wedding is not as difficult as it sounds. Remember though, select only the elements that really describe you as a couple. Otherwise, it will look forced.

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