Party Planning Tips for Your Wedding Reception

You’ve fallen in love and the date is set; you’re getting married! Now you have to think about what kind of entertainment to have at the reception for your wedding guests. Whether a couple is looking to host their reception in a traditional catering hall or a unique venue, the wedding doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. The following tips should help you plan a great party for your wedding reception.

When deciding what kind of wedding entertainment to help you celebrate, consider three things — the number and general age of your guests, the size of the hall where your party will be held, and your budget. All three of these will play a part in what kind of entertainment you should have, and will help you decide what to look for in bands for hire.

If you are a young bride and groom and have a generally young group of guests, you’ll probably want to dance to the latest in pop and rock-and-roll. An older group might prefer a band that plays more easy listening, jazz or background-type music.

The age of your guests isn’t your only consideration, however. If you are holding your reception at a large hall, or even outside, you can be pretty certain that ‘anything goes.’ Plenty of open space will be able to absorb loud music and you’ll have plenty of space for dancing.

The final consideration is always be your budget and with the number of musical options available you should be able to find something that will satisfy your entertainment needs without going broke.

The ‘trick’ with this, however is to book early. Bands, DJ’s, and karaoke entertainment, all book their dates well ahead of time. If you want to be sure to have the local favourite, don’t wait until two weeks before the wedding, or even two months to book. You’ll want to start arranging the entertainment for your special evening a good nine months to a year in advance.

No matter the age of your guests, the size of your reception hall or the size of your budget, be sure that you communicate your expectations to your entertainment specialist ahead of time and that he (or she) is able to meet those expectations of special songs etc. you want played and can give you an overview of how the evening will look.

Once you’ve got the details settled ahead of time, you can look forward to a wedding reception that will be a time to remember!

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