Simple Wedding Hair

Weddings demand a great amount of love, passion, money and dedication. Every couple or wedding planner has to find the best solutions regarding the venue, the food and many other details such as these, but the bride has the noble job of looking fabulous. She usually is the main center of attention and has to seem like a true princess among the other guests. Searching for the dress may seem hard at first sight but it will end up being easier than other stuff, when you will put on the dress you will surely know. After dealing with vendors, rents, shops, flowers and guests, the bride has to take care of the way she looks: the make-up and the hair.

The hair has always raised some questions, because it has to be elegant, resistant to heat, wind and other issues, appropriate for the veil or tiara, and should complement the face of the one who wears it. Choosing a simple hair style will save up money, will be easy to make in case of a hair disaster during the event and will look good on almost any face.

A very popular bridal hair style is the messy updo. You can tease it, braid it, bring it to one side or lower in the back. The basic knowledge you have to have when choosing such a do is not to use tons of conditioner before fixing your hair, not uselessly hire a hair dresser and to follow your heart. You just have to bring all the hair in the front, tease it and pin it in whatever shape you want; you will look like a true princess if you add a fine tiara. If you have a veil, you can bring the hair back, split it in two, make two braided tails and mingle them together, with a little bit of hair spray and some bobby pins, attach the veil under the small bun and voila! you are ready.

If you have short hair, go for the slick pixie look or the punk one. Use hair foam or gel and smooth the hair, for the pixie look, or bring it up, for the punk look. Both choices work better with hair accessories rather than classic tiaras or veils. For medium hair, curly dos, with loose waves and flowers in the hair, will appear better than the most intricate do a hairdresser can make.

If you want to look great is not all about how fancy your hair is, but about how natural and right the hair do feels and how it complements the face and the overall look.

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