Wedding Flowers for your Hair

 Flowers In Hair Wedding How To Use Flowers In Hair

Sometimes the biggest impressions are made by the smallest details. The wedding dress, wedding cake and the reception hall are all huge attention grabbers, that are generally gorgeous at any wedding. Many times, the real thing that people leave talking about are the tiny, unqiue details, like the flower tucked behind the brides’s ear.

I’ve gathered some cool ways to use flowers in your hair on your big day. These quick, simple ideas could be the tiny detail that is cherished for ever!

1. Be sure to choose the right wedding flower for your hair style and dress. Larger blooms look better for simple patterned dresses and hair styles, while smaller arrangements work best for dresses with more detail. Make sure to add the flower(s) AFTER the hair gel, hair spray, etc. Products can totally destroy a fragile flower, so save adding the flower for last! Also, remember to have your flowers arrive a day or two early, and hydrate & refridgerate to get the most fresh, open blooms for your wedding hairstyle. IMPORTANT: Make Absolutely SURE that you test whatever flower you choose before your wedding day to test rule out the possibility of some weird skin reaction to your chosen flower! And LASTLY…don’t forget to remove any part of the flower that could get pollen all over your dress! Stay away from that mess!

2. Now that you have the technical stuff down, here is one easy idea. Find a large, colorful flower, such as a Gerber Daisy to tuck behind your ear. Red is awesome in the winter against a white dress and snow! A nice bright pink works as well.

3. Another idea that is SO fresh and pretty is to fasten Dahlias to a clip (do this by wiring one or two blooms to a basic hair clip). You can use this clip in a sweet updo or even to clip both sides of your hair back. So pretty!

4. A really cute option for a laid back, free spirit kind of wedding is to lace white daisy blooms throughout your hair. This can be done by twisting wire around the base of a white daisy bloom, and entwining the remaining wire around a U shaped bobby pin. This style works best on textured hair, so if you are going stick straight on your wedding day, you may want to save this style for another time. However, if you are wearing your hair in a braid or having a braids some where in the mix, even if your hair is straight, this simple, pretty style could still work for you

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