What Do You Think of Halo Hair Extensions

I first saw a halo hair extension on a hair show, and it did not get a lot of my attention because I thought no one is willing to wear such a silly thing. However, after 3 years, my thought on it was completely changed, I made a big mistake in the past, and now it is one of the best innovations since clip in hair extensions. The design concept of halo hair extensions is quick and easy use. Once I took a closer view, I was really in love with it.


So first, let us talk about what is a halo hair extension first. Actually it is a weft-based hair extension that has a transparent wire being attached, does it look so simple and impressive, let’s have a closer look at it. The wire attached on the extension is completely adjustable, this is very important because it is not a good idea if there is only one fixed size. The head of everyone is different in size, so it will be more comfortable if the wire is adjustable and will certainly fit your natural hair better.

Just like its name, the extension will be worn on your head in a halo formation, it is a great extension full of magic. Once you get it in the place where you want it to be, just simply pull out your hair to cover the wire. This is just the start of the magic. The wire sits on top of your head, it is transparent so virtually invisible, you can only take one minute to put a halo hair extension on.

Halo hair extension is damage free, which means it never cause damage to your own hair, that is the biggest advantage I think. So is clip in hair extensions. However, you can wear halo hair extensions everyday, because it is easy and quick to apply, but for a clip in hair extenion, it is mostly used for some day or for special events. Maybe you also do not know wearing clip in hair extensions can cause damage to your hair, you apply and remove off the clips repeatedly, this will cause hair breakage, besides, the weight of clips make it not suitable to be applied on thin hair, it is not just for everyone.

So, compared with clip in hair extensions, I like halo style more without fear of damaging my own hair. There are a lot of hair companies online dealing with extensions in different styles. New Star Hair, which is a great hair vendor established several years ago, has a complete collection of hair products, which include weaves, wigs, extensions, frontals and closures, these are all using 100% virgin hair, which are cut from donors in Brazil, Malaysia, India, etc. Besides, they are sold at wholesale price, for the coming global shopping festival, there is a big promotion plan on their website – 5% discount off on their wholesale price, that is a huge discount you can not find on other place.

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