Tips For a Better Hair Day

If your hair is oily, a homemade treatment can help remove excess sebum for a more manageable texture. Combine 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, 1/2 of a crushed avocado, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and and 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, then apply to hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Massage through your scalp for five minutes, then rinse with warm water and shampoo with a deep cleansing shampoo for healthy, oil-free strands.

Also, a simple vinegar rinse can be made with one tbsp of vinegar mixed with 2-3 cups of warm water. Pour the mixture over the scalp, then add shampoo and massage in to remove product buildup. Rinse a few times, then condition for shiny, amazing hair.

Women with curly hair should look for a cleansing conditioner to remove dirt and cleanse curls while nourishing your hair.

Speaking of curls, those with curly/natural hair should steer clear of products that contain silicones and/or sulfates, since they can dry out your hair and disrupt the curl pattern (hello, frizz.) Cleansers with natural oils, plant extracts and butters are all effective at maintaining the health of your hair.

Hydration is the key to avoiding frizz in the first place, so girls with curly hair should apply a protein-based treatment at least 2-3 times a month to maintain the moisture balance of your curls.

Leave-in conditioners are essential to maintaining the structure of curls and natural strands, particularly in warmer weather. Look for a cream-based formula for thicker/coarse hair types, or a leave-in spray for finer Archives

Also, hair masques packed with natural oils can help coat the strands of normal to dry hair to help prevent the dreaded frizz from striking when the humidity rises. Once a week is essential, especially if you heat style your hair.

If you want sleek, smooth strands, you can also get a keratin treatment to make your strands sleek and strong. No need for the salon price tag, either: there are home kits that can get similar results for a fraction of the cost.

UV filters are essential for protecting your hair from sun damage. Look for products that contain these shields to neutralize free radicals and the sun’s harmful rays from damaging the color and texture of your hair.

Usually, when hair starts to frizz, we try to combat the texture by adding more heat, which makes matter worse in the long run. Try a frizz-free serum with added heat protection to stop the madness before it starts while protecting your fragile mane.

A thickening spray added to your regular blowout routine can help prolong the style and combat the onset of frizz. Just add it to the roots, then blow your hair out using a round brush for a blowout with staying power.

Girls with curls should follow this general rule for styling by the owners of  the thicker the curl, the thicker the consistency of the styling product.

Also, long, layered styles work best for curly manes since they allow the weight of the hair to help control the curl. Any bangs should be face care

If you’re looking for a new haircut that will flatter your face, the lob” (long, layered bob) is all the rage and shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to looking amazing on everyone, it has tons of styling options and works with pretty much all hair textures. It’s also low maintenance.

Afraid of getting a bad haircut? Be sure to bring two photos with you of the style you want to your styling appointment, and have a talk about texture and maintenance before the scissors come out. You’ll be happier in the long tips

Ready to take it all off? We’re still in favor of the pixie cut, which came back to life when Emma Watson famously let celebrity hairstylist Rodney Cutler shear off her Harry Potter-approved length. Have a talk about texture with your stylist in advance, but take the plunge if you’re feeling inspired. We love it!

To cut bangs or not to cut bangs? This is the never-ending question with pretty much all of us, but bangs are the easiest way to change your look without drastically altering your style (or your hair color). Blunt bangs are our favorites since they’re versatile and

By the way, you do not – we repeat, DO NOT – have to book an appointment for a bang trim. You can trim your own bangs…you know, for free.

Girls with haircuts (especially those who are growing out cuts and/or bangs) know that you will disagree with your hair some mornings. Keep a cute barrette on hand to sweep hair away from your face in style.

If you’re rocking a short hairstyle, you need to have an arsenal of styling products so you can work your ‘do depending on your mood.  Styling paste and pomades are a must.

If you have any hair length, we implore you to have dry shampoo on hand. Not only is it the fastest way to prolong any hairstyle, it’s a massive timesaver when you have to do your ‘do and dash.

If flat hair is your problem, there are great volumizing sprays and mousses out there to help you turn up the volume on your style. We’re also partial to the upside-down blowdry technique, followed by some intense spraying for higher hair.

Thinner hair can also be made thicker with shampoos, conditioners and styling products to help make the hair strand a bit wider in appearance.

Oh, and big, textured hair was all over the runways this past season, so we’re all about the big hair for spring/summer 2013. Thickening hairspray helps with the volume and texture we’re craving.

We love red-carpet worthy waves. We also love that you can get them at home with a brief, easy tutorial.

Adding mousse to the midlengths of your hair is one of the keys to getting those boho glam waves that Kate Hudson is always rocking (and which we envy regularly), according to her hair guru, celebrity hairstylist David Babaii.

You can get beachy waves all year, by the way. There are amazing beach sprays that can help you get that perfectly-tousled, wavy texture even if you’re landlocked.

There are some mornings where bedhead just naturally happens. For all other occasions, apply lightweight mousse to towel-dried hair the night before, then twist hair into a bun. Release in the morning and lightly spray for I-woke-up-like-this texture.

There are also great texturizers that can give you bedhead results, no pillow required. Just apply, work through and style.

If you’re considering hair extensions for added length, go in for a consultation to ensure you get the style that’s right for your hair and lifestyle, says Senior Stylist at Ted Gibson Salon and Weave Specialist Sade.

Care for hair extensions just like your regular hair, but if your sewn-in extensions seem to take forever to dry, Sade recommends only conditioning your hair at the roots to cut down on drying time.

62. Hair color is an amazing way to change and enhance your looks. You can get amazing results (even platinum blonde and ombre) with home hair color kits you can pick up at your local drugstore.

A color-treated shampoo and conditioner is essential to maintaining your hair color. Remember: hair color is an investment. Protect it at all

Also, avoid sulfates when caring for your hair color, as they can cause the hair color to break down and rinse right out.

When dying your hair at home, remember to try to stick to shades that are 2-3 shades lighter or darker than your own hair color. Anything more drastic can lead to less-than-desired results.

Ombre hair means your ends can be super fragile. Be sure to deep condition and repair them (along with the rest of your hair) regularly to maintain their strength, says celebrity hairstylist George Papanikolas.

Make sure your hair texture and styling history will support ombre bleaching, especially if you have darker hair, which will result in an orange tint at the ends that will simply break off.

You can also try the multicolored hair color trend, no matter what your hair color and/or length may be. Stay away from tones that mimic the undertones of your face, says Bumble & Bumble colorist Zoe Wiepert.

Want to try the multicolored hair trend for a night? Temporary hair chalk and spray can help you dabble in a color (or twelve) here and there, then wash it out in the morning and start again.

When using hair chalk to alter your hair color, be sure to shake fingers through your hair as some of the chalk will fall away. Also, avoid wearing white tops for obvious reasons.

We believe that hair color should help nourish your hair whenever possible, so look for at-home kits and in-salon processes that infuse the hair with much-needed oils to protect structure and maintain its much-needed moisture balance. L’Oreal Professionel INOA is fantastic for in-salon results, while Garnier Olia can help replicate these results at home.

Platinum blonde is one of the hardest hair colors to achieve, and one of the harshest processes. Be sure to add moisture regularly with deep conditioning masques that replace lost moisture and support the health of your strands.

Also, don’t wash your platinum blonde hair for 24-48 hours after processing, to preserve the color and to keep hair from drying out.Trying to preserve your gorgeous hair color in the sun? Nothing works like covering your hair to protect it. Sun hats and scarves are your friends.

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