Latest Bridal Hairstyles 2015 for Mehndi

Latest Pakistani Bridal Hairstyles 2015 for Mehndi

Bridal Hairstyles 2015 for Mehndi are traditional and usually heavier than western styles because they have to go well with heavy formal dresses. Hairstyle matters a lot for brides because they are going to be center of attention in the event and even a slight clumsy touch can make face and overall appearance awful. There are many styles that keep on changing with time. This year there is no noticeable change but variation in the existing mehndi hairstyles.

Braided Flowers

Braided Flowers

Gone are the days when a simple braid was enough for the brides. Today, there are many improvements and changes in basic hairstyles for mehndi function. Now brides have braids and fix many yellow flowers all over it to make it more attractive and traditional. They begin from the back of head and go to the lower end of the braid. These can be in any form like swirls, twists, straight and so on. Yellow flowers are a typical symbol of mehndi and mayon in Pakistan. So, this color holds a special place in the event. There can be a mix of yellow or orange too. But one color is usually preferred. Besides, it matches to the dress because there is lime, yellow and cyan often.

Loose Curls

Loose Curl Hairstyles For Weddings

To make bride look more stylish and modern, lose curls are added all over the hair hanging at the back. Some locks can be set at front to add more effects. These are nicely pinned over the head using a fancy hair embellishment of any style. Usually stones and beads are preferred on hair clips. Fancy comb can also be assembled over the top of head. This style is ideal for silky straight hairs that have long or medium length. Brides that don’t like putting dupatta over the head can go for this style. It’s simple but beautiful.

Straight Hair with Tikka

Straight Hair with Tikka

If you are fed up with curls and braids, you can simply shampoo hair, dry them and straight using a straightener. Leave them in natural form and put a tika after having partition on the head. This is simple but stylish. It suits slim and fair girls. Its also a great idea for thin and brittle hair that can be damaged in styling. You can apply mousse or gel if you think its required. This style is more beautiful when bride wears dupatta over it as the free locks peep from the front hanging down freely.

Artificial Braid with Glass Pieces

Pakistani Artificial Braids

Artificial braids made of thread are common Pakistani bridal hairstyle 2015 because these are best for women having thin and short natural hair. The braid has decorative pieces at the lower end or throughout. Glass pieces set in threaded circles are very popular because they are traditional and stylish. The braid can be of the same color as the outfit to add more charm to it. Its then set on the shoulder and allowed to hang on the front side after covering head with dupatta.

Mehndi styles should suit face and be compatible with the dress to look at their best.

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