5 Reasons Why Bag On Valve Is A Better Aerosol Delivery Method

In recent times, bag-on-valve methods have been increasing in popularity, mostly due to the superior spraying mechanism it provides. Also called as bi-cans, it expels the contents inside using pressurized gas, which is stored separately from the content itself. Below, we look at five reasons why bag-on-valve is a better aerosol delivery method.

Benefits To Customers

The biggest benefit of a bag on valve product to a customer is that they can use it almost 100%. As such, no content is wasted, ensuring that a customer gets full value for his money. Such products also have a longer shelf life compared to other options, and that too by using fewer preservatives. In terms of ease of use, the bag-on-valve product can be used without requiring any pumping motion. And the contents inside can be sprayed more evenly, making sure that you get the best result from the product without excessively using any of the contents inside. The spraying noise in such products is also lower than other sprays. Plus, bag-on-valve products can easily be used from all angles.

Manufacturer Benefits

From the perspective of a manufacturer, bag-on-valve is a much more effective filling process than other methods. It is also suitable for both viscous and liquid products. And for businesses that manufacture oxygen-sensitive products, bag-on-valve offer a much longer shelf life than other packaging methods. So, if you are starting up a business where the product uses aerosol delivery, then definitely look into the bag-on-valve technology.

Environmental Effects

The biggest environmental benefit of bag-on-valve products is that no flammable propellants are required for using such products. Instead, air or nitrogen is used, and the pressurized gas has no ‘end of life’ impact on the environment. In addition, less amount of preservatives are required. It is also far more sterilizable and hygienic than other methods.

Usage Benefits

You can use the bag-on-valve product in any way you like, even holding it upside down. This helps you use it in all situations, no matter how difficult it might be to target a spraying area. Plus, in traditional aerosol cans, the pressure from the gas is reduced over time, resulting in less content being expelled. In complete contrast, the air pressure of a bag-on-valve product remains consistent throughout its life, making sure that the content inside is expelled in a uniform manner, whether you are using the product for the first time or the hundredth time.

Economic Advantages

Since bag-on-valve will expel all the content inside it, far less product is wasted than other aerosol products. This easily makes it a much better value-for-money proposition from the perspective of a customer. And for manufacturers, the time for product development is reduced since you won’t have to develop any propellant mixes. Plus, since both the product and propellant is separated, manufacturers will be able to use more efficient formulations in their products.  The separation also allows for using the same pressurized gas for multiple products, whether it be foams or oil. And this essentially helps a business cut back on product development costs.


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