About Relationship Breakups

One of the most devastating experiences you may face is a relationship breakup. People do not usually get into relationships only to separate at some point in the future, be it sooner or later. Hence when a breakup takes place, it is usually very damaging.

The healing process after going through a breakup takes quite some time. Some studies have shown that the stress involved can actually be keener than that experienced after the loss of a loved partner. Of course, your relationship will have died. The main difference is that it is quite possible to resurrect a dead relationship.

A breakup doesn’t have to be the end

Although there is an unfortunately high rate of relationship breakups, you can take appropriate measures to stop yours from being a mere statistic.

There are different kinds of relationships, and knowing where yours falls is important in finding the best solution. You should first of all understand that it is not really possible, or even necessary, to rescue every single relationship. Here are some types of relationship breakups that you should be able to differentiate.

Abusive relationship breakups

This is a kind of breakup that should really not be restored. If you were in a relationship where your partner used to abuse you either mentally or physically, it would be better to stay away from such a relationship. Abusive relationships can be very damaging.

Mutual relationship breakups

There are some circumstances where both parties may reach an agreement to end their relationship. A truly mutual relationship breakup should also not really be restored. The problem is that people tend to brand different types of breakups as mutual ones. If your partner breaks up with you

This is the type of breakup that leaves the most terrible heartache. In case your partner broke up with you, you should evaluate your relationship in order to determine the real source of trouble.

You will then be able to determine whether it is a problem that is really worth correcting. Then you should also find out whether you can really carry out the necessary repair. If you can, then the next step is to take appropriate measures to effect the needed changes.

If you initiated the breakup

Although you may have initiated the breakup, you may later realize that that was a mistake and would like to restore your lost relationship. In such a case, you will need to win back the trust of your ex.

You will need to take things gradually as you rebuild the lost trust.

Whatever type of relationship breakup you have gone through; there is always relevant help to suit your particular situation.

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