Common Mistakes to Avoid While Storing Fur at Home

Owning an expensive fur coat or blanket is not a big deal, but, taking care of the same is indeed a big deal. If you do not want your prized possession to hang dead, you need to take care of it lovingly like you would do to your little furry pet.

Read on to know, what are the common mistakes committed by most of the people storing fur at their home. Avoid these at any cost to enhance the longevity and sophisticated beauty of your fur coat.

Not taking your coat to professional furrier during summers – This is one of the biggest mistakes committed by any owner of fur coats or blankets. Summer is the season when furs need most of the pampering and furrier is the person who knows the art of pampering furs. So, you do the biggest injustice with your fur coats by not taking them to the furrier during the summer months. The furrier conditions and glazes your coat so that the pelts get the required moisture. And, then they store the fur in their fur storage vault that is temperature and humidity balanced. Once the hot months are over you can take back the charge of your lovely fur coat.

Wrapping your fur coat in tight plastic or cloth bag – When you store your fur coat in a plastic wrap or even in cloth bag you literally suffocate your fluffy coat. Any fur requires some space to breathe so ditch the habit of storing it in a bag or wrap. You can occasionally keep your coat under wraps when you are taking your coat with you on the journey. But, don’t keep it suffocated when you can give it a proper space. When you are hanging your coat in the cupboard make sure that it doesn’t get smashed into other clothes or garments.

Keeping Mothballs near your fur coat – We all know that mothballs are a good option for storing clothes and similar items susceptible to damage from mold or moths etc. But, it is not a good thing for your fur coats. The mothballs have odors that can easily be absorbed by the fur garments. Once fur absorbs an odor, it is really difficult to take it out. For the same reason, you should also avoid smoking near the area you store your fur. You’ll certainly not like to smell like tobacco smoke when you enter a party wearing your fur coat.

Keeping the fur coat in Cedar closet – Just like the mothballs, cedar closets are good for garments excluding the fur garment. Cedar removes the moisture from air thus causing the pelts to dry up which can make your fur drop-dead. The Cedar possesses potent smell that keeps bugs away from your clothes but the smell, when absorbed by the fur, will ruin your sophisticated possession. So, be sure not to store your fur coat in a cedar closet or anything that can pass on its smell to your fur coat.

Store well and your fur coat will stay with you for many coming winters!

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