Considering a Destination Wedding? Reasons Why You Should Have One

By Susan Meyer

Destination weddings are now a very popular choice for couples. Not only are they usually lower cost, but being in a holiday setting make for a great start of a marriage. You’ll be on honeymoon just as soon as you tie the knot!

So what’s so appealing about a destination wedding?

It will be less stressful. You can leave the details to other people and just enjoy the moment. Destination weddings are far less stressful as you are supported by a wedding coordinator throughout. Remember that weddings are all about individual choice, and by being in a different environment, you’ll naturally be open to different ideas and be more relaxed about choices than you may be at home.

Less expense. You may think that travelling to an exotic location is going to be expensive. But compared to home weddings, the destination wedding is less expensive. Quite often packages are available that can save you more than just pennies. The provision of flowers, food and music is often cheaper than in your own country, especially if you go somewhere exotic.

Less guests. By not holding the wedding in your hometown, you will feel less obligated to invite everybody that you know. Many couples can only remember the day as a haze from having to keep doing the ’rounds’ in order to speak to everybody at the event. You can avoid that by being able to invite just the closest people to you.

Great photos. Imagine getting married on a beach with flowers in your hair. You’ll have stunning photos and fantastic memories. It’s a chance to break the marriage mold and do something else.

Better climate. Most people opt to take a destination wedding in the sun. But whatever your choice, then you can select the climate that will make your dream come true. Travel. It might be that people who couldn’t afford to travel all the way to your country will actually find it cheaper to travel to your chosen location.

Less worry. Brides can sometimes get caught up in stress and worry over the smallest details for their wedding. If you decide to have a destination wedding, then you’ll find that you can hand over all those concerns to the professionals in the hotel. This will keep your mind on the enjoyable parts of the event such as spending time with your spouse and family.

Neutral ground. If the bride and groom are from two different regions, there’s always the question of where to hold the wedding. By selecting a location that is completely new, then it’s a chance to escape that feud.

All in all, depending on your circumstances, the pros for a destination wedding could far outweigh those of a local one.

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