Emotional Affair – A Trap To Avoid

Marriages that ended up broken or very challenged got that way as a result of an accumulation of small things. Problems are no new things to marriages. These problems appear to have risen especially with technological advancements.

One of the things that many marriages these days are faced with is emotional affair. Some folks who get caught in this appear not to be aware of how or when they fell into it. If we do not watch for it so as to nip it in the bud, more serious affairs would rise from it.

People readily become victims of emotional affairs because of the lack of physical intimacy. If you however agree with the fact that the mind directs the body, then you would be aware that that anything that fills your mind would more or less be replicated in the physical given time.

Many marriages that are right now battling with getting over infidelity started like this. It could all begin with an innocent exchange of text messages. The messages gradually take on more intimacy and before you realize it, things are happening.

I recently had discussions with one of my friends who was having sexual issues with her husband. She had no sexual attraction for him one bit. Further questioning showed that she had discovered that her husband saw pornographic videos and pictures. This revelation must have hit her more than she realized. She lost all respect for her spouse.

Irrespective of the fact that all the man did was look, his spouse still felt betrayed. It does not have to be pornography so don’t excuse yourself just yet. Yours could be the level of intimacy you have with a colleague at work. Just know that this is how emotional affairs start. It is also known that they most times graduate to physical intimacy.

How is this issue to be handled? You should be able to know what can be permitted and what can’t be. Do not simply let anything go because you do not want to be seen as being a “do gooder” by your co-workers. How much you care about your wife and family generally would show in how you relate with your colleagues on matters that can affect your home.

Any co-worker or pal who does not mind sharing a level of intimacy with you howbeit via phone calls or text messages regardless of the fact that they know you are married has displayed two things: One, they do not have regard for your marriage and two, they don’t respect your spouse.

If an individual doesn’t respect your partner and your home, what gives you the assurance that the person has any respect for you? This is something you have to think about. If your marriage collapses and your children pass through all that emotional stress (certainly we would not fail to acknowledge the stress you also would experience), would it all have been worth it?

The excuse that you are just friends should stop. If your spouse is complaining about it, then stop. Take time to consider these little issues that can ruin your marriage. It may not look like a lot just yet, but it always grows into something a lot more serious if you don’t put a stop to it now.

Emotional affairs can destroy your home. Do your best to safeguard your family and marriage.

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