Garnet Rings Guide

By Matt Henderson

Everyone loves rings and everybody loves garnet. There are a variety of types and colors around to chose from but if you are looking for a beautiful piece with magnificent color then Garnet rings are an excellent choice. Garnet is collection of minerals that are alike in their makeup and properties. The name garnet is Latin for granatium which simple means pomegranate. The dimension and class of garnet decide how it is used and the largest and faultless ones are used for jewelry. There are several types of garnets that can be made into garnet rings; Pyrope, Spessartite, Mandarine, Demantoid and Tsavorite all of which varies in color and size. There is also a garnet simply called Color Change Garnet, which is extremely popular and rare. These particular garnets can be found in Madagascar, Tanzania, Bekily, Tunduru, and Sri Lanka.

Of the color change variety garnet each location’s garnet has its own color change, for instance, Madagascar material changes from raspberry red to a bluish gray color and Sri Lanka changes from a beautiful flushed purple in radiant to blue, green and gray. What is wanted is 100% color change but it is more common for these gems to only be 40 to 70 percent and the more vibrant the color the more precious the gem. The only garnet, which will maintain its blood red color, is the Pyrope garnet and are great for garnet rings. The Spessartite, Mandarine and Tsavorite are very rare gems and are size over one carat; Spessartite is brilliant orange in color but if there is, are brown and red hues in its color it can take away from its value. The Demantoid, has a green color with a dazzling sparkle to it and will have you fascinated with it. This particular garnet ring will make a beautiful engagement ring because it is so unique in its makeup.

When looking for a garnet ring, knowing what exactly to look for is important if you want that perfect ring. You should do a thorough inspection of the gem looking at it from different angles, note the coloring and have an ideal about how rings are cut, as well as, looking for any flaws within the garnet. Also, remember that garnet comes in a variety of colors not just red. Garnet rings make wonderful gifts and are great for that very special occasion that you may have coming up especially if it’s January, which garnet is the birthstone.

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