How Do Men Fall in Love?

If you haven’t asked this question yourself yet then you should have. Learning the process that a man typically undergoes when finding a girl they like will help you identify what you must and mustn’t do in order to ‘expedite’ the process.

How do men fall in love? Does ‘love at first sight’ always happen to them?

Technically speaking, it’s true that something happens to men at first sight when they meet the girl they’re meant to be with. Maybe it’s not always love or even lust, but there’s always that magical connection that tells them they’ve a found girl whose company they’d certainly enjoy.

How do men fall in love? Will they speak of it right away?

It’s 50/50 when it comes to saying the words ‘I love you’. Contrary to the relationship myths you may have heard around, men are not universally in capable of saying those three little words. Their ability to do so will depend on a lot of factors, including but not limited to their culture, the family they grew up with, and his past experiences.

Some cultures, for instance, make it easier for guys to say those words because they were trained from day one to be comfortable with speaking out loud about their feelings. But for others, it would be considered ‘unmanly’ to speak of them first or at all. When you find the guy you like, it’s up to you to determine what type your guy is and move on from there.

How do men fall in love? Will they make a move once they’re sure about their feelings?

There are three things you should understand about men. Firstly, they’re naturally possessive; it’s part of their inherent makeup. Secondly, ego means a lot to them. Thirdly, these two factors will influence how they act once they get past the self-denial stage and accept their feelings for you.

As mentioned earlier on, they’re possessive. They will want to claim you and even though they may not want you to know they’re in love, their actions will inadvertently give them away.

But there’s a catch – there’s always a catch, and in this case it’s their ego. If they have a reason to believe you might turn them down then they’ll be wary of making an overt move. They’ll be sneaky instead. Or they’d take things slowly. Or they’d leave it to faith. But one thing they’ll only do as a last resort is to risk their ego and say those three little words to your face without knowing how you’ll react.

How do men fall in love? Will they be faithful?

Studies show that there are more men who are unfaithful than women, and this is probably something you’ve been worried about all the time. Most guys who are unfaithful had a past role model who acted the same, and it had a psychological effect on them. Other guys who were unfaithful were experiencing a midlife crisis or something similar.

Besides asking yourself about the question above – how do men fall in love – there’s one thing you should also ask. How do men fall out of love? And that will help you prevent them from being unfaithful.

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