How to Design a Wedding Ring

By Matt Henderson

When two people decide to invest the remainder of their life together there are two customs that appear consistent in most relationships, marriage ceremonies and wedding jewelry. Although most think women are the ones in love with the wedding process, the truth is men get just as anxious and excited as well. One of the first major purchases for couples ends up being their wedding rings. Surely you can walk up to just about any jewelry store and grab an “off the line” ring, but to spice it up you should choose a custom designed wedding ring that matches your personal taste. After all, your wedding is not off a factory line so why grab a ring that a million other people can have?

Custom rings are a nice choice because if you have an heirloom ring or loose stones you can revamp them or incorporate them into your design. Loose gold with personal meaning or other jewelry can also be melted down and fashioned into rings that have personal meaning and representation. It changes the way you view a ring when you know it represents more than the willingness to splurge your hard earned cash on the one you love.

Another aspect is that you can use an exotic combination of diamond cuts or gems. Two diamond cut stones flanking a heart with teardrop sapphires off the ends is not a combination you will find at any store, but you can still have it if you want. The style can change for his and her choices as well. This lets both members of your relationship have a voice and emotional investment in the creation of your rings.

They key is to find a good place to help design your wedding ring. So, if you want to design a wedding ring for your marriage these are three good picks:

1) The Jewelry Exchange is a fantastic option but there may or may not be one in your area. They have a low price guarantee and widely advertise the fact that they carry loose stones. Also they are very committed to custom design. Staffing at their locations tends to be huge so you should have no trouble getting a little assistance when it is time to design wedding ring choices. The downside is that they may have a regimen that you will need to break through in order to get the specialized service you want.
2) is an online choice which is nice because you can work with them no matter where you are. They provide free shipping so there are no worries of extra cost. Also, they guarantee your satisfaction 100 percent, so if you are not happy with the final product you have some recourse. The downside is that you are dealing at a distance. If you use them it may be a good idea to start the process with enough time to fix any issues.
3) Zales may be overpriced for the quality to some, but the benefit is that they are both online based and in almost every state as well. It is kind of like getting the best of both worlds. Also, if you are looking for a name you know and feel you can trust they are a good choice.

Whatever you decide, it is fulfilling to personally design a wedding ring choices. A custom ring is an heirloom. It will be in your family for years to come and its creation is a story that can be shared and passed on for generations.

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