Lovely Ideas For A Vintage Wedding Event

For couples who love poking around antique malls and paging through old sepia photographs, a vintage style wedding is a perfect fit. Tea-dyed table linens, delicate hand-tatted lace, and dropped-waist dresses are just some of the lovely retro touches that infuse a modern marriage ceremony with old fashioned panache. Contemporary couples planning such an event should consider these lovely but simple ideas for a vintage wedding.

Bridal Attire

Before selecting accoutrements for the bride, groom and wedding party, the couple should decide on a specific era that will integrate their choices into a single theme. Victorian, Turn of the Century, Roaring 20s, and Fab Fifties are some examples. By researching their era of choice, the bride and groom can get a clear vision of the fashions and feel of the time period.

Vintage style wedding clothes set the tone for the ceremony. Many upscale vintage clothing stores stock a selection of lightly used retro wedding gowns and men’s dress suits. Several online shops showcase one-of-a-kind vintage wedding attire for sale too. Happily for the bride who prefers something new, contemporary retro designers offer a variety of vintage inspired styles from different eras.

Accessorizing clothing with vintage type touches further reflects the retro wedding theme. For example, for a Roaring 20s affair, the bridesmaids could wear long, knotted strings of pearls and feather hair adornments to accessorize their flapper style dresses.


In many cases, the wedding invitation is the first encounter guests will have with the big event. Therefore, the invitation should reflect the ceremony’s retro flavor. Ideas for a vintage wedding can be easily translated to stationery. If the event is Victorian, for instance, the invitations could employ elaborate script for the lettering. Scroll work borders adorned with little cupids could provide period flair. Adopting the phrasing from an authentic invitation from the Victorian era would make a lovely introduction to the themed event.


Photos can take center stage in a vintage wedding. Using vintage photographs to decorate at the reception recreates an atmosphere of bygone days. If the theme is Turn of the Century, each reception table might have a centerpiece that features a sepia-toned photograph of a different period scene, such as a cyclist on a tall velocipede or couples strolling in their period costumes.

Creative photographers can capture the essence of an era-themed wedding through their use of poses and props. If the retro theme is the 40s Big Band Era, the photographers could use a music stand with a clarinet or trombone as a backdrop. The way the bride and groom interact in their wedding photos could reflect the theme era too. For a Fab Fifties themed photo, for example, they might strike a jitterbug pose.


Selecting appropriate music for the event is not as difficult as other choices, given that each era has its own distinctive musical style. For a Jazz Era wedding, a jazzy version of the wedding march incorporates the theme in a witty and sophisticated way. Of course, the couple’s favorite jazz tunes would reign supreme on the dance floor at the reception.

A vintage wedding is a fun project that instills the intrinsic beauty of the ceremony with a personal glow. From designing the invitations to choosing the music, a vintage event conjures the magic of bygone eras.

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