Make Him Propose – Secret Tips

When it comes to a show of feelings, men fair quite poorly. This is something that leaves many of us in lots of worries. Why can’t they simply be open? Although our boyfriends are more open about other issues, they tend to be irritatingly closed up when it comes to our relationships with them.

You are likely to feel quite frustrated if you are looking forward to walk down the aisle with your guy while he does not give any indication that he feels the same way as well. How to make him propose to you? Before you wear yourself out with worry, you should know that there are a number of signs that will help you to determine whether he is really ready to commit.

Discussing his future

One of the most obvious ways by which you can know that your boyfriend is getting ready for marriage is when he starts to share with you his future plans. He won’t just talk about HIS future but YOUR future together. Although he will not make it plain, you will notice that he will begin to talk in plural terms when referring to his plans. This indicates that he is considering you to share your future life together. He will talk in a way that gives the impression that you are a couple. You should therefore pay close attention to the way he frames his statements as you discuss and you will get a clue.

Financial obligations

You will also notice that your boyfriend becomes more concerned about what he does with his money. A man who is getting ready to commit will be more careful with the way he spends his money, and he will tend to invest in things that will ensure he takes good care of his family.

Despite his relatively young age, you may notice that he starts to think about mortgage and even retirement. This shows that he is getting serious about settling down, and is making plans to stabilize your relationship. However, if your boyfriend seems to think more of buying short-lived things, this means he is still not considering marriage.

These things will help you to determine whether your boyfriend is he ready to marry you before you think of how to make him propose to you. Whatever the outcome of your observations, there are a number of things you can do to help him get into a marriage frame of mind. You don’t have to bite your fingers as you wait for him to propose. You should encourage him towards it in subtle ways.

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