Marquise Diamond Rings

By Matt Henderson

Marquise stone bands are generally among the most beautiful bands you can get. They are amid the least expensive based on dimensions, because the surface area is large relative to the carat weight. People charge a lot less than the typical rounded diamond for these rings. Plus they are among the better wedding bands. The marquise diamond– otherwise known as a navette– is elliptical with a pointed end– like a pear form. (For those who wish to discover how it got that identity, legend says that France’s King Louis XIV required to have a diamond that’s slice was like the Marquise de Pompadour’s mouth area. )

Just before getting a diamond ring it is important to understand many points. First of all, this material in which the diamond is usually made of, influences the buying price. A number of precious metals may be used for a ring– sterling silver (least costly), silver, white silver, and also platinum eagle (most costly). Examine what are called the “four Cs” of a diamond– coloration, clarity (how near to best that is), cut, and also carat weight. Marquise diamond bands must be no less than great coloration. Some marquise diamond jewelry will have a shadow generally called a “bow tie” near to the mid- pieces. That means that the jewel hasn’t been proportionally sliced. The length- to- thickness rate of a marquise must be 1 and it should comprise 56 facets.

The most beautiful marquise diamond bands would be the Cupid’s Mark® slice, which is outstanding in their white silver prong placing. That diamond, “will melt the female heart. ” Far more elegant, is still this $2,399 bridal marquise diamond ring arranged at Kranich’s Jewelers. It is a one-carat jewel that also includes rounded excellence and also diamond baguette decorations, attached in 14K white silver.

Five very expensive marquise bands are traded at Gemvara, one of the most pricey that is an $11,130 Ceres ring which can be in white platnium, platinum eagle, or palladium. The other expensive marquise rings will please any woman! They are beautiful. All these could be personalized with gems beside the diamond, like dark red garnet, white sapphire, natural tourmaline, or perhaps smoky quartz.

Marquise stone bands are a genuine indicator regarding trendiness. Many of today’s biggest fashion icons are wearing marquise diamonds in rings and other jewelry. These diamonds are sure to be a huge part of fashion for years to come.

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