My Husband Wants a Divorce – What Should You Do?

Marriage is a relationship that requires the participation of both the husband and wife in order to succeed. As a wife, you will therefore find yourself in an uncomfortable position when your husband seems to be backing away from the marriage. This may be through his actions. Or perhaps he has reached a point where he has started telling you that he wants a divorce. Women generally like taking care of those around them. So if your husband starts behaving in such a way, you are likely to take it as a personal rejection. However, you should not give up in case your husband considers divorce while you still want your marriage to last. You should take measures that will stop your marriage from falling apart.

Avoid getting emotional

This may not be as easy as it sounds when you discover that your husband he wants a divorce. You may get a very strong urge to give him quite a tongue lashing. At least you will feel like dissolving in a sea of tears.

In either case, you will only make your husband be more resolved, as doing such things will just increase his discomfort. You should understand that many husbands find it difficult to share their feelings with their wives, and enhancing their sense of guilt will push them to end the relationship even faster.

You should let your husband know that you understand his point of view. However, ask him to give you a little time to process some things.

Give him support

The period of separation can actually work to your advantage. Although your husband wants a divorce and will have initiated it, he may start to reconsider his stance.

When your husband wants a divorce, you will make a better score when you give him support and accept the initial separation. While this may hurt you, it is what will give him time to see his error.

Giving your support also works since you will do the unexpected. This is bound to make him think twice.

Another advantage in giving your support is the fact that that is when your husband will really feel what life will be like in your absence. The initial separation can therefore draw you even closer when you get back together.

Avoid reasoning out the issue

Your husband wants a divorce but you may decide to convince him to reconsider his decision. Although he may accept, you won’t really have succeeded. The problems that prompted him to seek a divorce won’t have been dealt with. In fact, the situation may be worse since he may take it that you do not really care about how he feels.

A looming divorce may be a great motivator in pushing couples to sort out their differences. It does not necessarily mean that there will no longer be any love between you when you are headed for a divorce.

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