Planning On A Budget For Your Destination Beach Wedding

When a destination beach wedding is mentioned a lot of people run out of fear for the cost. What you may not realize is there are countless ways you will save by having a beach wedding and a few things you personally can do to stay on a tight budget.

The first step to planning on a budget for your destination beach wedding ceremonies is to call the city where you want to get married. Some offer private beaches while others have public beaches, and each has its own pros and cons. A public beach eliminates the need to pay for space, but there will always be others around. Private beaches can be costly, but it allows for a more intimate setting.

The date and time of your wedding can determine the price as well. If you are looking to have your wedding on a weekend during the spring or fall when temperatures are perfect, expect to pay a bit more. You will want to take into consideration Mother Nature as well and try to avoid a wet season.

One of the great things about a destination beach wedding is that it is a more relaxing and comfortable setting. Therefore, most opt to steer clear of formal wear and stick to casual wear. A sundress in white can be beautiful on the beach for the bride while khaki pants and a light-colored shirt for the groom is ideal. It is affordable and fitting.

As the invitation stage comes up, you may find a small, intimate ceremony is better suited for a beach wedding. This can save money on the reception and the costs of flying guests out if you decide to do so. As for the invitations, you can purchase a card-making program to create custom invitations while saving at the end of the day.

Flowers and decorations can be a money-saver with a destination wedding location considering where you are having the ceremony. A lot of people like to deck churches out with lots of flowers and the reception with countless decorations. But with a beach wedding you have the most beautiful decoration of all…the beach itself!

The final area to look into when planning a beach wedding on a budget is the food. Rather than hiring an overly priced catering company, why not keep it simple and fun with a barbecue on the sand. It fits with the overall laid back theme, it allows you to throw on tropical items like pineapple-glazed chicken, and the party can continue outside under the sunset.

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