Review of Mens Promise Rings

By Matt Henderson

Promise rings, popular among women, are not isolated only for females; mens promise rings are growing increasingly popular.

Promise rings are the first step to marriage, being given prior to the engagement ring. As with its counterparts, the promise ring is used as a symbolic gesture. The wearer may promise that they will remain faithful to their partner even though they may not be ready to commit to an engagement at this point. It can also mean that the ring giver intends to replace it soon with a more expensive and meaningful ring at a later point when finances allow. Furthermore, the ring may simply be symbolizing love between two people, or even the promise to cease a bad habit such as smoking or drinking.

The ring can vary in size and quality. While it is common for them to include a diamond or other jewel, this need not be the case. Another option can be to engrave the name or intended purpose of the ring. For example, someone who is seeking sobriety and using the ring as a symbol to remind themselves of such may engrave their sobriety date on the inside of the ring.

JC Penney is an excellent source for a large quantity of mens promise rings to choose from. Since they are a grade below the engagement ring, many seeking to possibly make the purchase are not prepared to spend the same among of money at a more reputable jewelry retailer, so this is an excellent option.

If shopping online for the cheapest option, there are many excellent brands to choose from. These include Rosato, Henri Purec, Lauren G. Adams, Morellato, Nomination Italy, and Pilgrim Skanderborg, just to name a few. All of these brands and more as well as discount option can be fully explored at Just click on their jewelry section to see all they have to offer. There, you can find mens promise rings for just a fraction of the normal retail price.

It is important when shopping for mens promise rings that you know what you are in the market for according to your budget. Be prepared to make decisions such as silver versus gold and whether or not a stone is desired. It is also good to understand the small things that make a big difference in price. For example, choosing white gold over platinum will save a ton of money with little difference in quality.

Mens promise rings are popular both to symbolize love or a promise to self. They are an excellent way to show the world that he is able to commit, whether to the girl of his dreams or to a commitment they are pursuing, and, armed with the right knowledge, an economically wise decision can be reached that both maximizes a budget and yields the purchase of a quality mens promise ring.

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