Single Parents Dating: Is He “The One” Or Another Fling?

Women want to know whether if the one they are dating right now is “the one”. He’s just perfect for you, he’s funny and adorable. He has a nice job and a great personality. But how do you know that he’s not just a fling? That he’s far more than that?

Here are some factors that you might need to consider to help determine whether he is “the one”. If you find yourself agreeing to most of them, then better hold on to him since he might be “the one” you have been waiting for.

1. You have similar life goals.

It would help to know that you have same or similar dreams in your life. Sometimes even with the simplest things we can already see the mismatch and contradictions we have on another person. Like for instance, he doesn’t want commitment and want to pursue his dreams of traveling the world while you on the other hand can’t wait to start a family. This means that you are just not in the same page. On the other hand, many couple are willing to make compromises so that each one can still achieve their goals but decide to do it together instead by themselves.

2. You see his flaws but continue to love him.

Many people mistake that “the one” is perfect but it’s just fantasy. Nobody’s perfect. He is the one for you when you know the real him beneath all the layers but still accept and love him with the all his flaws.

3. He shows his support for you.

Whether it’s as simple as planning a party for a friend or going for that job promotion,, he is the one constantly cheering you on. He’s your personal cheerleader and even though he might not always agree with you at times, he does his best to show his support for you whether things turn for the best or worst.

4. You just trust him.

He’s very easy to trust, to talk and confide with. He has earned your trust by always keeping his word, respecting you and treating you right. You might have been hurt in the past and trusting someone again might be hard but he just makes that exception.

5. He has a great sense of humor.

Even if you are down or in a bad mood, he knows how to turn your frown upside down. A sense of humor is one of the most attractive qualities in a man. It doesn’t matter though that no else finds your jokes funny but at least you can make each other laugh until your stomachs hurt.

6. He always tells you that you’re beautiful- even with no makeup on.

Makeup is one of women’s best defenses to cover up their imperfections. You present yourself before him with no makeup but he still tells you that you’re beautiful. You might want to elbow him and think he’s lying but maybe he just prefers a more natural looking you. This means that he loves you for you and not your clothes or the you with a dolled up face. If he cuddles up to you and tells you that you are beautiful even if you are in your baggy shirts and makeup-less face, chances are that he means it.

There is really no defining factor to knowing and confirming that he is “the one” because sometimes, you just know. When everything seems to be better and brighter with him around, when you feel special and happy when you wake up each morning and when thinking about him makes you smile. If you just can’t imagine a life without him then you’ll know he’s a keeper and that you should keep him too.

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