Some Simple Advice For An Unforgettable Wedding

A wedding is a once in a life time event. An occasion that is filled with all the best things life has to offer, love, family, friends and good times. The one drawback to a wedding is the expense it brings with it. Let’s face it; getting married is an expensive endeavor. The prices for venues, cakes, dresses and all things associated with the wedding are constantly rising. This article will provide money saving tips that provide the grandness without the debt. Don’t sacrifice the beauty and elegance of your event just be wise with the choices that matter verse the ones that only matter a bit.

It seems people are moving towards wedding that provide elaborate meals for their guests. This is a super nice expense that is unnecessary for the little mouths you are feeding. If your event is kid friendly it will benefit you and them to offer a food choice that accommodates their bland taste buds. Many caterers understand this need and will choose a dish especially with them in mind. Many also offer party favors to accompany the meal which also adds entertainment for the downtime between the meal and the party. Most dinners take a minimal of forty five minutes to be served, eaten and cleared. This is a long time for a child to sit and be well behaved.

Another tip that will save money and time is to have a family member assist the photographer during formal pictures. This way an assistant is not required meaning you don’t have to foot the bill for another person’s room and wage and also a family member knows who should be where and can more readily have them where they need to be. I know many times during pictures my own grandparents would wander or my parents were missing in action. Having a main person, a strong voice within your family to round everyone up eases the strife for you as a bride and for your photographer.

If you are including a flower girl in your event and you can’t live without a runner sprinkled with rose petals consider using faux petals. Real rose petals are expensive and will only be destroyed after the wedding party has been up and down the aisle. This is a no brainer in the expense category. You could save yourself a good chunk of change to use on the honeymoon.

When it comes to wedding jewelry a tip to save money is to look into vintage jewelry options. I do know many brides that adore their custom engagement rings however prefer a simple more understated wedding band for everyday wear. Vintage pieces can be found at reasonable rates and are often incredibly unique pieces of jewelry. The same can be said for jewelry purchased for the wedding party. Vintage pearls and gemstones can be found that match the style of each girl and the attire for the wedding. This is something to consider when looking for reasonable wedding party gifts.

If you have chosen to be wed in an outdoor ceremony a way to save money is to enhance the natural elements of the landscape instead of adding elements that clash with the outdoor setting. Think about materials such as aged wood, vintage lace and natural flowers. Believe it or not grasses make beautiful pieces and can be reused in your homes garden. Also I have seen many a bride carry bouquets of wild flowers help together by a hand tied ribbon that were more beautiful than some over the top round rose bouquets. Don’t be afraid to cut costs where you can. Flowers and accessories are for sure one way in which to do this.

Weddings are enough stress as is. Don’t add extra craziness on top of that to your marriage with wedding debt to start you out. This is an easy way for marital bliss to end quickly. The goal for any wedding is to wed your best friend, the one person who will be by your side at the end of the day cheering you on. This can be accomplished reasonably with elegance and grace.

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